trish's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Any Albertans out there??
correcting my email address
to Mohez
To Barb in Edmonton
To Barb in Edmonton
To Michael: Endoscopic vs. invasive surgery
Any dancers out there?
HA HA!!!!!
to Duane E.: the Sonorex
Toronto Ossatron Freebies
First Sonorex treatment today
Sonorex far
Ossatron Gang
2nd Sonorex treatment today
3rd Sonorex treatment today
2 wks. post-Sonorex
5 wks. post-Sonorex
Saw Dr. today about Sonorex
Pain since Sonorex
Re: Beth D
To Astrid: re: Sonorex
Having some good days
To David L.
Pain is back
Going for additional sonorex treatments
Sonorex......bad effects
Birkenstock link from homepage......Scott?
Bad side effects
Foot cut won't heal
PF turned into achilles pain