valeries's heel spurs and plantar fasciitis threads

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Is the PT working?
Altering Birkenstock footbed
Time off is unjustified
surgery scheduled 4-4-01
Work is on hold, now for the doctor.
bg cped, same as Brian G C Ped?
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Need pointers on using Night Splint
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Work Guidelines
How can a hard cast help PF?
My Pod just recommended ESWT!
FOoT Cramps with Night Splint! - ? Help ?
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Pain up back of heel -- is this just PF?
How about those GAS prices, uh?
Biking is fun
My Fellow Americans...
Seeing Doc on Wednesday... what now?
Back from the doc -- still waiting...
What does PF rupture feel like ?
The FUN never ends!
Just checking in... Hello friends
Hi... remember me?
Hello friends...
ALERT!! My Credit Card numbers were stolen!
Nostradamus Prediction
Jade Update... anyone?
Moving is fun fun fun
I Made It!
Alert: Don't go potty on October 28th!
What's up with the picture links?
Just checking in to say hello
Help! Need winter boots
Starting Over, New City, New Insurance...
OK, I admit it, my feet hurt
Thanks for including my picture, Scott!
Thanks for noticing me
Michigan temperature conversion chart
Glenda... How is your toe?
I knew it was too good to be true ...
I wore Birks through the wedding ceremony
I just got an orthotic for my mouth!
Custom Made Birks
Another Mermaid Found in Sardine Can!!
Who here is from Detroit or Novi, Michigan??
Remember me? Just checking in to say...
mortons neuromayes i have awful burning pain
PF and now a lump on my achilles?