Comments from PF sufferers

First of all, thank you, thank you for your very informative, much neededhomepage and links! It's great. Even my podiatrist was surprised there wasa homepage. I've had P.F. for about 8 months although I only started goingto the doctor about 6-7 weeks ago. I've got orthotics and while they seem tohelp a little, I still have a lot of pain in my left foot. A week ago Iborrowed a friends ProStretch, a device for stretching calf muscles that alot of runners use and I've been very pleased. I only use it once a day (andhope to build up to twice a day) but I think that along with the orthoticshas really helped. I doing whatever I can to avoid more agressive treatment(casts, surgery or injections.) I'm also having a night splint ordered formy left foot since the pain is quite severe in the morning. I was wonderingif you have used the ProStetch or know of anyone's success with using it. Also, do you know where I could purchase one. The one I'm using is borrowedand she doesn't know where she bought it. If you have any ideas, let meknow.

Again. Thanks for your great homepage.


ive just been diagnosed with plantars fasciitis,, please help me im scared. Please send me any info on how to make the pain go away--------------

Dear Scott,I had surgery on my right foot for PF eight years ago. The surgery was a complete success. Surgery was done only after six years of slowly worsening PF to the point that I always limped and was always in some degree of pain.

My left foot is now showing distinct PF symptoms. I am able to keep it under relative control with stretching, icing, strengthening, etc. My next step if the condition worsens is one month in a cast. After that--back to the operating room. I really hope to avoid that!

I really appreciate your page. It provides a real service to those of us with "the curse".



Thanks for the time and trouble you have put into this page. I have been suffering from heel pain for just over 1 month now after deciding to increase my level of physical activity by walking my dogs for 2 miles every morning. I have been experiencing pain in my feet- heel towards arches when I get out of bed; in fact I have been feeling like a cripple. I have found that rest helps but if I start to walk again the pain comes back. If I try and ignore it I eventually get leg pain up to my knee and eventually even my hip hurts. I suppose I am trying to walk with a different action/posture.I have just decided to go to the doctor to talk about the problem. She has prescribed a NSAID- mefenamic acid and I am due to have an X-ray next week. An injection has been suggested and I am very concerned about the pain of having it and the likelihood that it will cause even more disturbance. I am over 170lbs and have had a relatively inactive life for the last three years so it looks like I am a classic case to get this problem. I have found it very depressing having got fitter and getting weight off to be knocked sideways by this happening. Once again thanks for all the info it will help me make decisions in consulatations with my doctor. I was beginning to suspect that I needed to be careful about this and your warning has been heeded. What do you think about reducing my walking to flat walking ( I have been using my walking boots for good support) for 1 mile a day after doing some stretching exercises and opting for a caste rather than an injection. I would never consider surgery. And I suppose trying to lose weight.

Sara ( UK)------------

Scott:Firstly, I'd like to thank you for all your work on putting together theinformation and presentation on the web. Secondly, I was wondering if you nowhave more miles on the orthotics from Dr. Kiper. I'm a multi-year suffererand I'm looking for the next great thing (while avoiding surgery). Seemsthat there are lots of novel and hyped orthotic devices out there so it'sreally hard to choose. If you're quite convinced that Kiper's product wassomething special for you, I'd take such an endorsement very seriously. Thanks for any advice and, again, for the help you've already given.Sincerely, Bob



First of all, thank you for putting together your plantar fasciitis webpage. I'm in the midst of my second bad bout of PF, and I appreciatethe wealth of information you've collected.

I'm writing because I'm thinking of buying the Freedom Accommodatorsorthotics (plantar fasciitis inserts) that you mention on your page. When you last updated it (July 17, I believe) you said that you had juststarted using them and that they seemed OK so far. I'm wondering aboutyour current assessment of these devices.

It would be a great help if you could get back to me within the next dayor two as I'd like to order these (or something better) as soon aspossible.

Best wishes,Bob----------------


My wife has suffered from plantar fasciitis the last couple years. Hermother had/has it, had surgery, and it didn't help much. Therefore, mywife figured nothing much could be done about it. But my wife isn't ableto do a lot of things she'd like to or that she's good at because of thepain. So I was going to look in the yellow page directory this morning toask a couple podiatrists about it. But then I thought, "What the heck.Maybe there's something on the Web about it." Sure enough.

I'm excited to show my wife this stuff later today. Thank you very much.


Dear Scott,I had surgery for plantar fasciitis eight years ago on my right foot. The surgery was done only after six years of doing everything but surgery to relieve the condition. Surgery was and is 100% successful!

My left foot is now giving me trouble(I should have seen it coming). I have done the usual things, and the PF is usually under control. I am going to purchase night splints. After that I will get a cast for a month, if necessary. Following that, it will probably be surgery. I do not relish doing it again.

Thanks for your web page. I have found it very informative.

Thanks again,


Hey Scott thanks alot for all the info. I have been suffering for aboutfour months. I have yet to find any relief. i am a mother of 3 very young children 4, 3, 1. I cannot stay off my feet. i think the cast might be my only chance. Shots are no good and nsaids make me sick. Georgette.


I saw your post about your web site and your page on PF on the SciMed usegroup. Nice page and so much information. Thanks for sharing this. My aunt inMaine has PF or 'heel spurs', so I will tell her about this or send her some info.

I once saved a file about stretching techniques for PF by a Dr. Spence (Ithink he is actually a pharmocologist or Pharmo-physiologist). I didn'tlook through all your info, but maybe it's there.

Thanks again. Good job!-------------------------

Bless your heart! You are a sweetheart.

I've been up close and personal with PF for a few years now, and have been intereseted in following up. I've bookmarked your page in my browser and will investigate in detail later.

Many thanks,

Dave --------------

Dear Scott,

First, I'd like to thank you for including our Products Catalog in your list of links under "Devices for Sale." We have alreadysold several of the night splints, and I suspect your page may beresponsible for pointing a few patients in our direction. I should alsopoint out (in case you didn't already know), that our catalog also featuresa very inexpensive ($9.95/pair) "over-the-counter" orthotic which Irecommend and prescribe as a first-line treatment for plantar fasciitis (theFreedom Accomodator by AliMed: The reason that Irecommend a prefabricated orthotic first for my patients with plantarfasciitis is that a good percentage of these patients do not obtain ANYrelief with biomechanical control. For these patients, I would much ratherhave them spend $10 than $200 (or more) for a custom device which may nothelp them at all.

Second, I want you to know that I will be adding a link to your web site inthe very near future. I'm in the process of reorganizing things, and yoursite will be added to our new Foot & Ankle Link Library as soon as possible.I spend about 70 hours/week at the hospital, so I haven't had much time toplay around with the web site lately. I appreciate your patience!

Thanks again!-----------------


i read about your pf page in the ortho newsgroup.

i just want to say great job, man! i am a podiatrist, and although i don't use my computer much for work related things, i was amazed to see this resource. you have done an incredible job and i'm going to link yr page from my home page next time i revise it.

you are one cool dude. i will use some of the resources i found on your page as patient handouts. thanks.

take care,


Scott, Your web page is very informative. We would like to crosslink yourpage with our page. You will be linked next week. If you have anyquestions or comments please let me know. Thanks Kelli--------------------

Hi - Thanks so much for your collection of information on plantar fasciitis. I am 41 years old, female, with a severe case of PF in my right foot. It was a mild case for the past 6 years, after the birth of my daughters, but the condition was aggravated about 8 months ago when I went on a longer than normal run. Under a physicians care, I've been stretching, icing, taking anti-inflammatories, had acupuncture treatments and am now on my 5th pair of custom orthotics. I limp around most of the day, particularly after sitting a few minutes. Now I am seeing a physical therapist regularly who has me doing more stretches. The only time it feels a little better is when I am consistently active all day (but I have an office, "sit-down" job so this isn't part of my usual day). I still run (it doesn't really hurt while I'm running) but I've reduced my mileage to 5-10 miles per week. This condition makes me miserable and crabby! If the current therapy isn't effective, I will consider surgery. How can a reach a group of people who have elected PF surgery? Thanks. -------------

Hi, I'm enjoying your site and have printed out a lot of stuff. I restarted a walking program after a long period of inactivity due to ........ Thank you for setting up a wonderful web site. What a gift to others! I truly appreciate it. I only just found it, and I go surfing at least weekly on heel pain. I used Yahoo! and this was the first that showed up so I clicked on it. I have never seen it before!


I am impressed by your page.I thought I had PF and about five doctors diagnosed it as such. I have tried almost all the treatments.It turns out I have something far worse: worn out heel pad or "painful heel syndrome", not to be confused with PF. This condition means that ---------------

Dear Scott, I have been exercising regularly for four years (running andstep-aerobics), and I am not overweight. However, I have had a terriblebout with plantar's fasciitis for the last two months. After readingseveral articles (plus the ones on your web page), I am convinced Ideveloped this condition slowly for a variety of reasons. Not only did Istart exercising regulary four years ago, but I also started teaching atroughly the same time. I have also worn flat shoes at work thinking thatthese were better than high-heels. Over time my arch has fallen and allhas gone downhill. Not only is this a physical problem, but it causesmuch mental distress not to run or do aerobics. I have tried biking andswimming, but it just doesn't give me that high that keeps me hooked onexercising. It is slowly getting better, but I seem to take two stepsbackward for each one I take forward. After reading many articles, noneof them seem to mention any brand of ladies' shoes that provide goodarch and heel support. My doctor recommended Birkenstocks which havebeen wonderful; however, I wondered if Easy Spirit shoes are alsohelpful. It would be nice to find a shoe that looked half-way dressy,but I know that there is just not much of a selection. Could you give meany suggestions?


Lori -------------------------

Hi Scott,

Thank you for all of the great information.

My sister turned me on to your site. She has been complaining for months ofheel pain. Recently my heel started aching, especially in the morning. Shesaid it sounded familiar.

I am an avid calf-stretcher, as I tend to have problems in my posteriortibial area. I am however training for a Fall marathon and I'm sure you knowhow that can bring any weakness to your attention.

Anyway, I'm gonna start icing and massaging my foot. So far the pain ismild. I hope catching it early will be a plus. I'll let you know.

Thanks again. What a great service you are providing to us achy runners.


Thank you so much for your excellent web page! I am currently seeking help for my pain and have been diagnosed with plantar fascitis. I am in an HMO and do not have easy access to a podiatrist, and am having to rely on internists and now an orthopedic specialist to help. You web page was very informative and helped me evaluate the present medical care I have been offered. You gave me more info than my visit to the doctor today. The ortho does not prescribe orthotics and could not recommend any over-the-counter shoe inserts. Could you be more specific about the inserts that you purchased from the drugstore, ie brand names and specific types? I would appreciate it. Thank you again. Joy-------------


Thank you for the plantar fasciitis page!

I've suffered from this for quite a few years, got no help or suggestions from my orthopedist other than cortisone shots, and finally decided that it might be part of the fibromyalgia that I have & I should just live with it. Since a feature of fibromyalgia is that muscle tears may not get repaired due to lack of Stage 4 sleep, there may indeed be a connection between the two but if stretching will possibly help, I will give it a try.

Stretching here I come. [Already did find, through personal experience, that a pillow in bed by my feet to lift the blankets helped. Now I know why. ]


hey scott

in the mornings when I wake up I have to shuffle because my heels are sotight, the heel pain seems to come and go like for a couple of weeks myheels hurt so much just to walk

another thing , does your Achilles tendon get affected...mine both of themhurt just to touch...

I have been to a podiatrist and have orthodics and I I guessit is just the way it is unless I quit teaching aerobics


Thanks for putting so much information about Plantar Fasciitis. It will bevery helpful to me because I have developed it also. My wife and I have beenhiking in the Adirondacks and the steady, steep climbs have caused thecondition.I will be printing out a lot of the information and ordering the heel liftsyou have suggested. I will let you know how it works out. Thanks Rich---------------------

Here's my story: I've been suffering from PF for over three years. I don't have a lot of heel pain (although some) but it is more like burning all over the soles of my feet, aching and lots of fatigue. I have soaked my feet in hot water and Epsom salt, then rub an analgesic balm on it and that has helped a lot but the problem persists. I am on my second set of orthodics and would really like this problem to go away but unless I soak my feet EVERY DAY they cause me alot of pain. I did get cortisone once (NEVER again). I have a foot massager too but maybe I should try a tennis ball, it's softer. I haven't done a lot of stretching because that didn't seem to help but maybe I'll try it again. Thanks for the web sites - they were helpful!--------------

Hello Well you want to here my story, do you have a few years. It started back a few years my feet started to hurt on the bottom so I went to the doctor and he took exrays and found heal spurs. We tried all the medication, shots, those shoe implants. And nothing worked so I had surgery,on both feet, one at a time of course. Well after a great deal of time they both still hurt. I next had nerve test and it showed that my nerves were bad and they needed to be released (only in one foot) well I had it done and after all that they still hurt.So I had a MRI and it showed that I had tumers of my fascitis and they were growing. With a great deal of pain I then had 60% of my fascitis removed in one foot and a little less of my fascitis removed in the other. But with one year past I still have pain. Now I am trying all the medication again, therapy, steriods, and strapping but I still have just as much pain has I started with. I don't know what he will try next. What should I do?----------------------

A million thanks! The last day of my trip to Scotland I walked inEdinburough with the wrong shoes (obviously) for several hours up and downthe cobblestone hills and streets. That was July 2nd '96 and ever since theheel pain has been constant and limiting my activities. Finally went to myHMO in Sep. and their advice was to roll a ball around with the bottom of myfoot to stretch the ligaments? and to take ibibrofin(sp). More or less saidgood luck - in time it will heal. Not being one to stand inactivity Ifinally thought of the internet. Your web page was a welcome site. Istretched my calf muscles as suggested and iced it. The effect wasIMMEDIATE! It is unbelievable how quickly the pain diminished. Anyway I amgreatly indebted and feel I've finally turned the corner towards completerecovery. Again thanks a million! John ---------------

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