Re: heal spurs on both feet

Posted by Merlyn on October 31, 1998 at 14:35:47:
I too have had heel spurs for a long time...You can try alot of things . Always remember what works for one may not work for you. I recently purchased magnetic insoles ..TheraP at Walgreens, they were worth the $20.00,,I also recommend Glucosamin Chondroitin..takes 2-4 weeks before any improvement. I also freeze a water bottle and roll it with my feet. I have a pair of birkenstocks but they aren't so great for me. I always have some pain but I can walk some without feeling overwhelmed with pain and depressions. You do have options that might help. My insurance company paid $2000.00 for custom leg brace and orthotics that did nothing. Good Luck Merlyn

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