Re: Me and my heel spur. . .

Posted by suzi on November 04, 1998 at 21:28:46:

Debbie, I agree with you acupuncture has definitely made my feet feel better. I originally tried it 3 years with an MD in New York City and I felt absolutely no relief so I had surgery. 3 years later I have found the greatest acupuncturist who is an oriental medicine doctor. He is a body builder and he is white not chinese. He is so positive every time I see him. Sometimes I limp into his office with tears in my eyes and by the time I leave I feel 100% better. He has a way of making me feel as though I will eventually get my old feet back! I have definetely felt better since I have been seeing him. He is located in LaGrange Georgia if anyone lives near atlanta or Alabama and wants his # let me know, He's great!

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