Re: Ideas anyone, I'm out of luck and still in pain

Posted by Dayna on 12/23/98
Not able to change primary care physician, there's not that many that participate in my insurance plan that are within a 50 mile radias of my home and/or work. Health plan is notorious for not giving referrals, they want to save money and if the doctors give people treatment than the plan comes after them "Why are you spending so much money on patients?". I agree the doctor is a JERK! How dare he say I just have to learn to live with it. I want to take an iron spike, drive it through his heelbone, leave out just enough so that every time he steps it pokes him and then tell him "I'm sorry, you'll just have to learn to live with chronic pain" and see how He likes it!

Surgery would be last resort and in my case wouldn't really help (this is my friendly podiatrist talking, the one who helped me before but now I'm not able to see without a referral), the problem is that the tendon is too short, the heel spur is growing perfectly horizontally in an attempt to take some of the excess tension off. Removing the heel spur just isn't an option, if anything we need to make it bigger. I am icing every night which seems to help but don't want to stretch until it stops hurting, I can feel it start to tear, sharp like a knife. I'm sorry to whine and go on, but I'm scared out of my mind that there isn't a way to fix this and angry that no one who doesn't have it seems to understand, our feet don't hurt, they HURT! I always wore low heels before, but now wear flats as was advised that heels make it worse, then I read that a one inch heel can make a big difference relieving the strain on the tendon. Don't know what to do, get custom orthotics for my heels? Enough whining, thanks for the ideas, I'll keep reading the board, at least I feel better (and worse)knowing I'm not alone. 09:31:57

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