Re: Ideas anyone, I'm out of luck and still in pain

Posted by Robin on 12/23/98
Dayna, you've got a real tough health plan. I'm sorry it's not better. Most of them offer very few benefits for feet. I don't have much in my plan either, but at least I can get into see a podiatrist or two. I sure like your iron spike idea though!

Don't worry about the whining. We all whine, and probably most of us cry too. I don't think there is one of us who is not afraid of this condition -- afraid it won't get fixed, afraid we'll live out the rest of our lives like this. I used to have what I considered an ordinary life -- and I had no idea of how wonderful it was, until now. How I took for granted grocery shopping, washing the kitchen floor, going to the library. Now, everything in my life get planned around my feet, and life is SO limited. Sometimes I cry because I'm in pain; sometimes I cry because I'm so tired of being in pain; and sometimes I cry because of what my life used to be and how I'm afraid it won't ever be that way again.

Aside from two feet with PF, I now have a left knee with a ripped ligament, so I am in PT, having a brace made, walking with a cane -- and there are octogenarians in my town going faster than I am! I look and feel like a big gimp. One thing is for sure: I view chronic pain, and sufferers of chronic pain, a lot differently than I did a year or two ago. If nothing else, I hope I can be a lot more sympathetic and helpful and understanding than perhaps I was in the past. Anyway, you are among friends here. Stay with us. 17:52:02

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