Re: stretching for PF

Posted by Alicia on 12/27/98
Robin: I can tell no difference between stretching and not stretching. I think the calf stretching helps, but the PF stretching makes it somewhat worse. I am going to see my podiatrist this week. Planning on asking him if it's time to re-make MY $350 orthotics. I've had them for 2-3 years and only reconditioned them once about a year ago. I'm hoping against hope that it might make a difference to get new ones. They are the only thing that has helped me in the past.
Up until about two months ago, my PF came and went - never really pain free, but two months ago it got really bad - 24/7 pain. Do your birks not cause back of the heel pain? I have tried them, but find they are not supportive enough on the back of my heel. Thanks for replying. 16:06:47

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