Re: OssaTron "double blind"

Posted by Diane R. on 12/27/98
Scott - I have been visiting this site on and off for 2 yrs or so and have had PF for over 5 yrs. now. Thankfully am doing very well for the past year with birks, some supplements, and clues learned about from this site...yet, even I, as well as my feet are doing - still keep looking for the "real cure". (I'd like to like I was once - where I never had to think about my feet before I decided to do an activity, will it relapse me, will it be worth the pain, etc.)

BUT, I don't see the "real cure" in this Ossatron treatment - at least not by any of the reported results following ossatron treatments received by people on this site and the dephi site... whether they got the "real" treatment or the placebo they still are in pain and not cured. Sounds like a goodly some of money down the tubes and more false hopes raised in vain.

I brought all this up and cautioned restraint on the delphi site -before Becky went for her blind study treatment and urged people not to be running off to Canada to have something done just because it sounded good at first look. I took some heat from quite a few people but I still say wait awhile longer and hear from some actual PF suffers if it really brings any relief and if so for how long??

Becky is regularly e-mailing a bunch of us and she is still in a great deal of pain following her "blind" study procedure some months ago. She still doesn't know if it was real or not but she has had nothing but pain since - either way.

Ossatron, unfortunately seems to appeal to people because it might be a "quick fix - like a "sure-cure surgery" to fix them good as new. I am convinced PF isn't fixed that easily and just as any invasive procedure(surgery) it might just leave your feet in worse shape for the rest of your life... not something to take lightly or enter into blind studies for just because they are free. Birks, icing, being careful how I walk, taking supplements etc. are not fast nor are they glitzy treatments to talk about but they hold with the maxim I like to go by in dealing with healing my body "First Do No Harm". 16:22:30

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