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Posted by Robin on 12/29/98
Gina, Barbara, Debbie, Alex too, or anyone else with experience -- I am considering acupuncture in the future. One of my big concerns in any treatment modality (especially one where I'm footing the whole bill and the treatment is somewhat invasive) is -- how to evaluate the credentials of the practitioner. I figure if I start exploring soon -- maybe I can find a good one by the time I am ready. (or maybe I'll cancel the search)

I am interested in your advice on how to locate a qualified practitioner when I really know very little about acupuncture, qualifications, etc. Debbie, I know you have described your practitioner at length -- but how exactly did you find him? Where did you start, who did you ask and if you hit any dead ends after you started, what did you do then? I live in Florida and there is actually a teaching institute for Chinese medicine about 20 miles away so I thought that might be a good place to begin -- but beyond that, I have no idea. Thanks for any advice. 19:14:58

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