Re: Feel Fine in '99 - Just say YES!

Posted by Mary D on 1/01/99
Hi Sandy. WOW heels! I had to toss my heels 6 years ago! Try to change your shoes several times through-out the day. This sound nuts but is works. I love birks too. I also like Rockports.
I do not think I will try shots..that sound too painfule to me. Yes getting out of bed is painful. While I sit at my desk I do stretching of my calves and feet. I stand alot too as a mom. I stood at my past jobs too. The problem hit hard after the pregancy. I had to stop teaching aerobics and then went to water aerobics. The water was great! Wear real shoes..tenis shoes or try water shoes for water aerobics. Don't wear beach shoes or streatch ones. It matters. I had to stop because my skin rashed in the water.
As for you family, they do not understand the new you not doing the old stuff. Find new stuff that does not cause too much stress. Re-create yourself. I thing sometimes I try to be 16 again. I miss 16. but now it is time to move on and be what I am. I will be doing new stuff this year. I will keep you posted. I plan to re-invite myself, pain and all and find things I can do with my kids and still have fun.
I am not going to let this get me. I understand why people do not understand my pain, I pray they never feel my pain.
I now take ballet! Really! My teacher has the same foot problem. She knows what it takes for me to make class. While I may not leap or hop around too much, I have fun!!! And I feel good for stretching and getting out. Find something to do that is good for your spirit and body. Even if it is just 10 miniutes a day. I really feel if we let our body stop...they will never remember how to start again.
I may not run a race (I never did) I will walk aroung the block, maybe twice.
Keep in touch, and keep moving! Even if it is in your seat!!!!
PS, I really like my Dr. Scholls for bath/messager too! So do my kid.
Take care. 03:14:13

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