Being sick & off my feet for a week was a turning point

Posted by Mary F. on 1/08/99
I have had PF in both feet for a year and a half. I got it by hiking in the Colorado Rockies wearing tennis shoes rather than hiking boots. If I had only known. I didn't even know this condition existed until it mercilessly struck me down.

The two things that helped the pain most were constantly wearing Birkenstocks and rolling my feet over tennis balls first thing in the morning before I stood up and immediately slipped on my Birkenstocks.

Three months ago, I became ill with a sinus condition accompanied by a cough and a fever. My doctor gave me a prescription strength dose of Tavist D and cough syrup. I was so sick, I barely moved off the couch for almost a week.

To my surprise, when I was well enough to function again, I noticed a significant improvement in the pain I had from PF. I don't know if it was being off my feet for so many days straight, the medication I was taking for the sinsus condition, or just a plain miracle.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? I had been off my feet for up to four days at a time prior to this and had never noticed a change in the PF pain.

I am still not 100% cured, but I can now walk relatively pain free if I wear my Birkenstocks and am now able to bike for 30 minutes at a time without pain. Before my sinus illness, I hobbled everywhere and couldn't even go shopping for more than a 1/2 hour at a time. 20:37:56

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