Re: Advice to Jill

Posted by Julia on 1/14/99
Hi Jill. We have a lot in common except my pain came from using a treadmill. I have good and bad days and lately more good than bad. I would recommend the icing and advil. Also, Birkenstock sandals have saved my life. I can now use the treadmill everyday and then come home and put on the sandlas for the rest of the day and then no or little pain in the morning. It is amazing. When I was working I asked the manager if I could wear the sandals to work and they agreed. I truly recommend this. I only went to one doctor and when he said I would have to pay $400 for custom orthotics and my insurance would not pay for it I decided to find my own ways to releive my pain. I found Spenco orthotic inserts (sold at Foot Locker) really are comfortable and help me a lot also. Well, just want to let you know that there are people out there just like you. Good luck. If you want to talk some more, email me. 16:17:46

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