What to do now??

Message number 3485 posted by CJ on 1/15/99
Well, it has been many months, with all kinds of therapy, casts, bandages, and now orthotics. None of which has done one thing in helping the pain in my foot. I also have had the cortisone shots, which did do some good, for about a day.
The last bandage I had on, I broke out in a rash and blisters within one day. What good luck I have.
Now it is a waiting game. The orthotics are not helping as much as I had hoped, so the next step is surgery.
If anyone had surgery, did it help for very long? Or is it something you go back and forth on? I will just be having the ligament cut in my arch, a 15 minute proceedure, but 3 months down time.
I will take anyone's help or suggestions.
Thanks in advance

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