Posted by MFreeman on 1/18/99

I have PF... am going the route of reflexology... all accounts suggest that it works well on the inflamation. I have found that I have had some painless days after the reflexology... first in months. Using massage sandals (with the knobbies in them) very sparingly at first, with socks, and working up the amount of time. In conjunction with reflexology, and stretching, is giving good results. Orthotics are next, and I'm sure they will help. HIP... I think it all started because my hip was out of alignment. Physiotherapy has straightened my hip and now I'm walking better, but differently than before, and it is MY feeling that this is what started the PF. However, I'm going in the right direction. I'm also adding exercise that is not weight bearing on my feet... doctor recommended exercise bike and deep water aerobics. I'm starting with the exercise bike. It should help with loosing weight which I'm also sure must have some impact (pardon the pun) on the situation along with age. Everything is drooping these days including the tone of the muscles in the heals. Dr. recommended the softer version of orthotics as part of the problem is the lack of padding in the heal (due to aging). Hope this might be of help to someone. 16:00:52

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