Shoes for Plantar F sufferers

Posted by Patricia Lawson on 1/23/99
I've been reading several messages describing various shoes which are supposed to help PF sufferers such as Birkenstocks, Danskos, and a few others. My question is: Is there anyone out there who has used custom orthotics prescribed by a doctor, and found a pair of shoes which accomodate these besides athletic shoes? I am having to wear NB running shoes everywhere because my orthotics fit in these. This makes it difficult as most of you know, to wear anything but jeans or shorts everywhere you go. I'd be willing to try Danskos or Birkenstocks, but it doesn't sound like you can use your orthotics in any of these. Has anybody worn any of these shoes such as Danskos or others without wearing your orthotics and can you get away with it, or do you find you have to wear your orthotics in all of the shoes you wear? Any feedback on this would be much appreciated!

Patricia (Pat) 18:47:58

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