Many Thanks, Many More Questions

Posted by Suzanne on 1/24/99
Thanks Robin, Sandy, Bobbie and Sue for replying to my first message. I appreciate your advice and feel welcome here. I plan to read as often as I can, so know I will be in touch. My foot has been taped for 48 hours right now, and so far I can tell a difference. My dr told me not to go barefoot (even in the house) so I have been wearing a pair of Dr. Scholl's version of the popular Birkenstock (sp?) sandal. Does anyone know anything about these? They are what I have on hand and they are also open as I love not having my feet closed up in shoes all day. My feet like to breathe! If I ride a stationary or outdoor bicycle,do I have to make sure the pedal is in a certain position on my feet? Being the owner of 2 dogs who love to walk as much as I do, this diagnosis is a big setback. Yet I also feel that my case may have een caught fairly early before I continued to do further damage. Fortunately, I love to swim and swim on a regular basis, but I have noticed that my foot hurts after I've resteed from my swim and am on it again. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks again everyone for your help, support encouragement. 17:48:24

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