Bledsoe boot--soft cast

Posted by Sandra Z on 1/25/99
I have PF for the second time--the first time it went away after one shot and orthotics. After I had been pain free for six months, I slowly tried jogging again and reinjured it on my fourth jog! I was running on a beach and wearing my orthotics. That was nine months ago, and I've tried stretching, antiinflammatories, Glucosamine, Physical therapy, more shots, but nothing seems to help. Three weeks ago my orthopod put me in a soft cast called the "Bledsoe Boot." I wear it all the time except when showering or changing clothes and stay off my feet as much as possible. My heel definitely hurts less, but I fear that the pain will come right back when I take it off. I plan to wear it for another three weeks (six weeks total)and after that wear it at night only for another six weeks. Has anyone else tried this? Does it work? What should I do or avoid doing when I first take it off? Any advice or encouragement will be greatly appreciated!! I've resigned myself to never jogging again, but it would be nice to be able to go for walks and I'm unable to do even that, and as I've always been active, this forced inactivity is driving me crazy! 13:07:31

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