Will I ever be cured?? Or is it a syptom of something more?

Posted by Scarlett on 1/25/99
Hello I am a 20 year old who was officially diagnosed with pf this summer. I believe I have had it for at least 5 years but have always put it off as normal pain because I did not know any better. I have flat feet and thought my pain was a result of that. I am an avid walker and noticed that my feet were going numb by the time I returned from a walk. That is when I decided to see a podiatrist. My pain is so bad now that somedays I can barely walk. My podiatrist has tried 2 different orthotics and they just make the pain worse. I am on Daypro and Vicodin. One is an antiflammitory and the other is a pain med (narcotic), that is how severe my pain is. Another symptom I have is constant cold feet. My doctor feels that my pain may be from something more...fibromylagia possibly. He feels I am to young to be experiencing the kind of pain I have. My pain is in the entire foot, not just the heel. It is chronic. I have taken numerous blood tests and they have all come back ok. I guess I am wondering if anybody out there has similar pain with their pf. I am starting to feel like my pain is way to severe to have for just pf. Does anyone out there have fibromylagia? and if you do is this a possible symptom of it. I am open to any suggestions and opinions. I am only 20 years old and am frequently in tears because I can not walk because of pain. Help me!!!!!
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