Re: heel spurs - pain for life?

Posted by debbie on 1/26/99
HI. I had pf and heel spurs in each foot. I had surgery for pf and removal of the heel spur in my left foot. Was on crutches for 10 wks. Dr. said the heel spur was huge! My foot was worse after the surgery. I was suppose to have my other foot done and cancelled. What's the point if my surgery foot wasn't as successful as I thought it should be. My last resort was acupuncture. He says it is not the bone that is hurting you, it is the tissue around it. Makes sense. I had acu and it worked, I don't recommend surgery. The acupncturist says surgery isn't necessary unless the spur is sticking straight down. I do everything now. I recommend acu to everyone, no side affects, and you have nothing to lose. good luck. Debbie 18:07:14

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