Posted by Melanie on 1/27/99
Hi! I am fairly new at this whole PF thing. I have been having lots of pain in my left heel for approx. 1 year. I went to a podiatrist and he told me all I could do is stretch the muscle and possibly cortisone shots. Well, I don't do shots, and stretching doesn't help. I bought my first pair of Birks about 8 mos ago and now that is the only thing I wear. I can't go barefoot and most mornings I can barely walk. I get up first thing in the morning and slip on my Birks and I wear them every waking minute of my day. I recently saw a physical therapist that told me I had PF and is fitting me for orthotics. Can anyone tell me what to expect? Will I end up wearing these for the rest of my life? The Physical Therapist said yes but I want some form of validation from people who are suffering from the same thing. I am very very very frustrated and need some support and helpful hints. I would appreciate any input. :) 14:40:23

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