I'm needing moral support

Posted by Janet on 1/27/99
I have had PF since last summer. It was officially diagnosed in Sept. when I went to the doctor's because I couldn't stand the pain any more. I am still in constant pain and I am beginning to feel like this is hopeless. I have had injections (twice) which helped for a very short while. I am currently taking a strong anti-inflammatory, using a night splint,and I am at the point where I can only wear sneakers. That is really depressing to me because i love shoes and boots , have lots of them and can't wear them. I work as a secretary and sneakers just don't seem to make the outfit. will I ever be able to wear regular shoes again or should I be thinking about a garage sale??? I didn't know about the use of Birkenstock's with PF. Have many people had good luck with those? I am going to the podiatrist every 2 weeks, spending a fortune on treatments, feeling like she is not really helping me at all. I guess i just need some encouraging words from someone. I'd appreciate hearing about others dealing with PF.
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