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Posted by Peggy on April 23, 1998 at 17:58:43:
Dianne, at this point, I am really getting in bad shape just about unable to walk. It is not possible for me to bear weight on this foot at all without having the SAS shoes on with the prescription inserts in them. I had Dr. Anderson re-order some PT for me, which started today. Since my last vist with him on 3/25/98, my arch has fallen as the therapist pointed out today while examining my foot and evaluation. The PT will probably not phase this problem, I'm grasping for any relief at all to AVOID surgery, since it will be a double surgery at once.

Yes, I've read every post here and my husband tells me that I should quit reading this stuff because of the fear he sees in me after reading and talking about this stuff, not to mention the depression. Because my lifestyle has been turned upside down, I don't know what to do anymore. I'm too afraid that surgery will actually COMPOUND THE PAIN have more complications afterwards, yet I know the shape I'm in now and see the progression of it everyday.

I will definitely get some glucosamine and calcium w/magnesium supplements to try.

As for as shoes and support, I don't think I could have any better than what I have now, but may try getting some Birks and seeing if this insert will fit inside. If so, then I'll definitely try them.

This site is so supportive of one another and I'm really glad that I found it.

I'll quote someone who is e-mailing me about this foot problem. She quotes, "I never used to have patience with old people who walked so slowly and talked about their aches and pains. It's a whole new experience to have joined them."

How mutual my feelings are! I'm "50" and feel and walk like I'm 90! Thank goodness we can all keep out wits about us.. Take care and thanks!

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