Re: OK, is this forever?

Posted by Lyndel on 2/04/99
Wow, your symptoms are the same as mine. Had it a year now. Got custom orthopedic inserts, the kind that go to the ball of your foot and not the entire foot. They cost a bundle ($375.00) but they sure helped for the past 6 months. The past couple of weeks my feet really started hurting when wearing my orthos? When I go barefoot they feel great! Cant go bare foot here though. Just a little to cold here in Montana. Also I'm only in my mid 30's and the pain comes and goes. Sometimes its almost not there and other times its killer like the last couple of days. I think I jumped off the back of my service truck and that's what did it.

Swimming is great for dropping weight. I was a top swimmer when I was a kid in High School. Last year when I went to swim with my wife who does water arobics I couldn't swim accross the short lenght of the pool! :~) I grabbed a paddle board and just kicked back and forth the lenght of the pool for a half hour each day. By the end of the second month or so I could swim the lenght of the pool face down and back stroke the way back without stopping! I also trimmed about 20 pounds in the process and I started out at 190 pounds at 6 feet tall so I wan'nt overweight to start with. Just carried a spare tire around my middle from driving so much the past 5 years for my job.

Hope this helps some? 18:07:48

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