Re: feeling hopeless

Posted by Lorena on 2/05/99
Wow, didn't realize how much time we PF-rats spend on this site... About the weight, I got motivated when I picked up two 8-pound weights with one hand. They were darn heavy! and I realized that if I lose 32 pounds, I would take that much weight off each foot. It was a real enlightenment experience.
I have felt crazy lots of times, but recently have tried to get some sense of humor about it. One strategy I had to get back on the trail was to design "shoes" for my hands and padded ski-shaped "shoes" that would extend from knee to toe so that I could "hike" into the backcountry on my hands and knees, carrying my backpack like a donkey. I would be happy to do this, though my main worry would be the reaction of other hikers along the trail. Seriously, truth be told, I crawl around my house alot to keep weight off my feet. I read a book by Pete Egoscue called "PAIN FREE" and learned alot about the body. He recommends crawling, and so did my chiropractor. It's good for the back. Another great book is "Stretch and Strengthen" by Judy Alter.
Also, since I can't hike, I may as well learn to be a programmer in the interim. If I can make a living with my computer in my home, it might be easier on my feet. We have to be creative with these setbacks you know? A friend of mine told me to stop remembering what I used to be able to do, and concentrate on what I can do next. In a strange way I feel myself getting stronger on the inside. It helps to schmooze in places like this too! 23:31:07

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