Re: feeling hopeless

Posted by Lysa on 2/07/99
Thanks for the understanding. I know what you mean about what you are willing to do. I went to a huge conference in LasVegas 1 1/2 yrs ago and had to use a wheelchair all day. I had just had my first cortisone injections and needed to be off my feet or not go to the conference, Dr's orders!!. It was really embarassing because I wasn't really incapaacitaaated and for example when ther was a short few steps to go up with no ramp nearby I would just get up and my husband would carry the wheel chair up the staeps and I'd sit down again, people would give me dirty looks because they thought I was trying to , I don't know, get special attention or something. Many more stories about this 4 day trip!!! Thank God for special friends and a husband willing to push me around all week. My husband is more helpful at sometimes more than others, I guess he just gets tired of my complaining and inablitlity to do things I alsways used to do. He tells me to quit complaining and do something already!! Like I haven't been doing anything so far?? He wants me to have the surgery and get over this. I'm not so sure, I am just afraid to cause worse problems than I already have, although I can't imagine it being much owrse than I am already living with. 22:40:04

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