Re: Doctor visit a FLOP!!

Posted by Susie on 2/12/99
Thanks Bobbie,
Yes, this site helps alot. I find when I tell people how my feet hurt they just don't get it. All of you have helped alot.
I'm in St. Louis and hope this heel pain study pans out. I will
try almost anything.
It seems alot of people have it more in the left foot from reading the messages. My started in my left & because I didn't know what it was I got it in the other foot also. I am also hyper-flexible
which means when my feet really hurt, my whole body hurts.Guess I tend
to stand on my toes or on the sides of my feet to get off my heel.
Oh well it never ends, but at least we all have each other.
Susie 21:53:29

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