Re: Morning pain-stretching

Posted by Lyndel on 2/13/99
Mary Kay,

I found that before I get up in the morning, if I put my right heel into the space between my left foots big toe and next toe I can hook my left foot and pull it back and and stretch it with the right foot. this stretches the calf muscles and then i take my toes and curl them forward which stretches even more muscles. do this for a minute or two before you get up in the AM and your feet wont hurt so bad. I just started doing this about a week ago and boy what a relief! After a year of hobbling in the morning for the first 10 steps, it's sure nice to get out of bed and not feel a hundred years old...I swear my wife must think she married some big baby or something but boy can my dogs bark in the morning! :~)

Hope this helps some 00:00:18

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