Posted by Suz on 2/13/99
Sue, Suzy, Bobbie, Lyndel and Dana,

Thanks for replying to my initial message.

You all understand the pain and frustration.

Does anyone ever get cured from this?

On my initial visit to the Ortho surg, he took an x-ray. I did not have much of a heel spur, if any. He told me that some people have great pain without bone spurs, and some folks with large bone spurs have less pain. I read in Scott's article that sometimes in the beginning, there is intense pain, but when a heel spur finally forms there is some relief. Do you all have heel spurs on x-ray?

My pain area is located on the inner side of my foot, at the bottom of my arch. My arches are somewhat flat.

Ortho gave me non custom orthotics to try, but I can't say they help much. I feel the same with or without them. Stretching and icing is helping. I used to go barefoot in the house all the time. I am not sure whether I feel better being in shoes all the time.

Thanks for listening. I hope you all find relief.
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