PF - NSAID - Anyone tried Lodine (Etodolac) ???

Posted by Diane R. on 2/13/99
This is a FU - I have PF but also have other joint/connective tissue problems. I went this past week for a 2nd visit on my torn rotator cuff/tendonitis- and was prescribed Lodine which is also known as: Etodolac or Ultrdol. I had given up taking the Relafen as it did nothing.

On my own I had switched to extra strength Doan's (an over the counter anti-inflammatory) which contains Magnesium Salicylate. It had been providing some relief but the dr. wanted to switch me to this Lodine. Probably because it is prescription (and I think sometimes dr.'s get some credits (goodies like free trips) with the drug companies for prescribing their meds - sort of a rebate for dr.'s) Anyway - this Lodine, also seems to be helping.

Upon checking the internet at "Virtual Drug Store"... they listed 25 approved drugs for arthritis/inflammation including: magnesium salicylate, naproxen, naproxen sodium, and Lodine... as all of a class of drugs that "inhibit prostaglandin synthesis at sites of inflammation".

The first visit to my dr. I told him I had used naproxen a few years ago for a tendon injury after trying several samples etc and had ended up concluding that naproxen worked the best for me then. Of course he did not prescribe it for me as he wanted to "try the new stuff". I think they get incentives to keep pushing the new stuff that has no generic eqiv. etc.

I passing all this along to this PF site to let you know how active you must be in your own treatment of pain/inflammation or any medical problem. Sometimes there are reasons you get those "free samples"... you need to be persistant if they don't work for you and if after a week they aren't doing it switch to somethingelse.

This Virtual Drug Store site with the 25 NSAIDs list did not have on it Relafen or Daypro - both which have proved useless to me and both of which every dr. the last 4 yrs. has tried to get me to take... interesting? 09:11:10

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