Re: Rotar Cuff & PF - Please help - I have ???'s

Posted by Diane R. on 2/17/99
Thanks to each of you for your input on our mutual connective tissue problem areas. I also have had a torn/pulled groin tendon in 1993 so have had my share along with bursitis a couple of times in the hips and once in left shoulder (this is my right however and it is terrible).

I did go to PT for 1st time on Monday and she did a complete series of movements to "test my range of motion" - by the time she finished I was sick to my stomach. Then she had me do a series of isometric exercises which she told me I should only do to the point of pain. Since I was already in alot of pain I couldn't tell if it was worse or not and was hesitant to proceed but foolishly went ahead with all of them for 5 repeats each. Since then have been in extreme pain. Can't lift my arm hardly at all and I had gotten so I could do quite a bit of that as long as I didn't lift along with it. I think it was either too soon for me to do the PF or else she was too rough on the rotation stuff. Don't know but called my dr. tues. after a very bad night and he has yet to return the call so I am not going Friday. Have not been able to sleep at night because of the pain and I had just gotten past that point before the PT.

I am at a loss as to what to do next. Some of the same exercises she gave me on a sheet I had gotten off the internet and had been already doing without pain. Now can't do those either! What a set-back and I'm very discouraged. Since my dr. hasn't seen fit to do the MRI yet I don't feel good about pushing this pain bit. Did all you who had PF have severe pain for 3 days after like I have??? Is that part of it? He originally told not to push into the pain zone as that would be re-tearing the area.

Any advice from you who have been there would be appreciated. (I injured this arm Nov. 5 in case that helps to put it in perspective - maybe I was rushing the PT as I requested it from my dr. not the other way around) 19:20:27

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