Re: who's athletic shoes do you recommend?

Posted by John C. on 2/18/99
Tim, I think that you are asking too much of the wrong people. First of all, you say you want a shoe for running and basketball. To me, you are talking about 2 different shoes. As far as picking a brand, I believe that most all of the brands may have a shoe that could work for you. Go to a good running shoe store. Talk to a real shoe person, not just someone getting minimum wage to push the most expensive shoe on you. Let him ask you all the pertinent questions, your age, your mileage, how do you pronate, what injuries have you had, and questions like that. If anyone recommends a running shoe without knowing these things, he or she is not doing you a favor. If you need a shoe for basket ball, get a shoe made for basketball. I'm no shoe expert, but I am sure this shoe will be a lot different than any running shoe. I have been a runner for 25 years, have gone thru 20-30 pairs of shoes, and I'm still looking for a shoe that is 'foot friendly'.

Good luck. 07:31:26

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