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Posted by Flo on 2/23/99
I've had foot problems for years. I have pf in my left foot, I have two screws in the large bone where it meets the big toe. I've had surgery to remove a heel spur. I have had shots. I've had medication. I've had casts....you name it, I've done it. I understand PF and I know what to do to get some measure of relief. I've worn orthotics for about ten years...I don't ever ever ever get up without putting my feet in shoes with the orthotic in them.

But my new foot ailment in the other foot is different. The Dr. says it's either Tarsal Tunnel or just problems from my "flat feet". Umph. Here's the symptoms...do any of you have like symptoms?

Stiff in the am just like the pf foot. Pain is not in the heel. It is in the side of the foot just at the bottom of the ankle bone. Sometimes it's just a burning, sometimes it shoots a little. It rarely hurts unless I am moving it or putting weight on it.

I'm taking Voltaren and am getting some relief. Like I said, I know what to do to get a small amount of relief from the pf....but this is different. While the Voltaren definately helps, it's still very painful. Dr. suggests surgery. Says I won't get relief without it and says he cant' tell me that surgery will solve the problem. He says he may not be able to find the nerve..or the problem with the nerve...or some such.

I guess I just want to know if any of you have any of these symptoms with the pain and inflamation just below the ankle bone on the inside of the foot...and with a definately swollen ankle for months!

Thanks for any help you may offer. This board has been a great deal of help to me in the month or so I've been checking it out!
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