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Posted by Lyndel on 3/01/99

This same message is also back where you originally asked me my progress with V. C (2/27/99)

Well, thought I was doing well for the last couple of weeks (that's why I've been away from the message board) but just the other night I woke up with a very sore ankle about 1am. Got so bad I had to take some Advil. Didn't help. When I stood on it it shot pain clear up my leg. Must of strained it but cant remember doing anything that would hurt it? That was last thrusday and this is Monday. Still hurts some, causing the bottom of my foot to hurt now.

As for diet. My diet has got to heck in a handbasket so to speak. About 3 years ago I developed a bad alergic reaction to dairy. I cant touch the stuff. Before I use to drink a gallon of milk every other day! Missed dairy at first but my wife has learned how to deal with out it(I miss pizza tho) We now use lots of Yogurt on everything from tacos to frozed substitues for ice cream. Not having the dairy is actually better for you except not getting the calcium. I think that is where my problem lies. I'm getting the same thing with my elbow. I drive for a living and rest my left elbow on the armrest continually. It is so sore that I cant even touch it to anything. Sometimes just putting on my jacket will make it hurt. I now wear a elbow pad most of the time to keep from bumping it. Again, I think it is from a lack of calcium in my bones and muscles. I now take a 600 mg subliment every morning plus citracal for the last 6 months. I think my feet and elbow are improving but VERY slowly.

The stretches you and others suggested also helped. Unlike most others, heat really makes my feet feel better. I soak my feet in the hottest watter I can stand while typing on the computer or watching TV and boy do they feel better the next day. Not right away but the next day what an improvement!

Well Gordon, that's about all I can think of for now.


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