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Posted by Gordon on 3/01/99
Thanks for the info

By building up some statistics on what's going on with peoples health versus diet, there might be some different approaches to our problems that might work. I'm not crazy about alternative medicine but I beleive there is truth in some of it. It is just a matter of sorting through the BS. As far as calcium goes though I think that there is a lot of bad info out there from the conventional docs. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the research I've seen shows that adults don'tneed milk. In fact, I have data from a doctor that promotes his "healthy diet" that shows that peoples consumption of calcium is far more than they need and that calcium retention is controlled by protein intake. They did studies that showed it didn't matter how much calcium you took in, if you ate more than 47 grams of protein a day you would have a net loss of calcium.
Note: Americans are one of the only people in the world who consume so much milk. 30% of all Asians cannot drink milk at all and my wife's family (Japanese) usually live into there 90s without any dairy.
Japanese keep their protein intake down. When they have meat or fish they have it in small portions. It is like the decoration on the dish, not the main thing.

Anyhow this Doctor has a Video which discusses diet in very technical terms and also shows how are beliefs( and US recommneded allowances) about dairy are altered by the dairy industry. I also was a huge milk drinker up until one year ago. I quit on a hunch that milk might actaully be the problem. Well I lost 15 lb in three months and felt better thatn ever.

People didn't actually start consuming such large quantaties of milk until this century.

My hair toxcicity test showed twice normal levels of calium and I've had calclium deposits removed from tendons so I wonder if your elbow problem might be from calcification on the elbow pad. I rub Vit E oil on the areas where it hurts and let it soak in, it seems to work.

Xrays will show up calcium deposits.

I get a similar problem to your elbow on my knees and on the pads of hands from typing. My knee problem occures while sleeping on my side and my kness rub. It has gotten better over the last 6 months.

The pain in your ankle that came from nowhere sounds familiar. I have had it happen in my elbow and shoulder(when I used to drink lots of milk). My theory on it is that some activity caused the cartlidge, tendon, or ligament to get irritated (rubbed wrong,scratched or nicked) and then fluid builds up in the joint for healing and causes pain. This happened once in my elbow and I couldn't move it at all. Doctors couldn't figure it out. So I put it in a sling and a week later it was all gone. Same thing happened in my shoulder so I put it in a sling and stayed active and it went away in about 3 days. Ankle is going to be tough.

THe high dose Vit C and aerobic work out is like night and day for me though and no "real doctor" ever suggested it.

How is the Vit C doing? 20:33:14

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