Scott, a new survery?

Posted by Gordon on 3/02/99
You have spent much time researching and providing us with info and I'm sure many of us have found this to be better than any doctor we have been to. We appreciate this very much.

The survery you did is very informative and perhaps it is time for us to do another one since the results of the last one indicate that conventional methods often don't work as well as the doctors promise.

What if we focused on diet history, symptom history,toxcicity history and injury history. In this way we may get at the route of the cause of the problem. I realize that the initial physical cause would appear to be structural load on the foot but the reason that young healthy people don't recover easily (while otheres do) is probably more than just a structural problem. Especially for those of us who have carpal tunnel, chronic shoulder, neck etc.

Using a little math maybe we can nail down some traits that make us prone to this type of problem other than genetic. I've looked at books on fibrom, diet, etc.and been to several natural path docs and they've tried all their stuff with not too much success other than the Vit C, HTP, and aerobics (which I found on my own). I find that they have lots of rules of thumb and generalized symptom/cure type things but here we have a group of people with definite common situations and we may find a common diet or digestive problem.

Anyhow, I'm prepared to put a list together with input from others so that a survey could be started.

Any thoughts? 22:19:32

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