Watt, Gina, Peggy, Linda & the rest who what to exercise...

Posted by Lyndel on 3/05/99
Try swimming. You wouldnt believe how well it works! Best part of it is you are only on your feet to get to and from the locker room to the pool! Even if you're not a good swimmer any more (I use to be the best swimmer in high school, now can hardly make it accross the pool) you can grab a kick board (one of those styrofoam boards) and just paddle laps untill you get your strength built back up. That's what I did. Boy, you'd be supprised how it works ever muscle in your body! After about 3 months I was able to make a couple of laps without stoping. No kidding! When I started, I couldn't make it half way accross the short end of the pool. After a couple of months I was upto 2 or 3 laps the long lenght of the pool without stopping. As a kid I never got winded, now, those 2 or 3 laps feel like I'm gonna die! :~) Anyway...I lost a lot of weight (i'm only 6 feet tall and 190 pounds to begin with) I dropped to 180 after the couple of months and I could run up a flight of stairs now without being winded. Best of all, my wife and I did the exercises at 6:30AM for 45 minutes and that's it! Not much time each day to get back in shape! Plus, it's only about 5 bucks a month to goto the pool! Alot cheaper than some ripoff health club!

Good luck


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