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Posted by Eileen on 3/11/99
Thank you for this advise. I came out of the cast today. My heel does feel better. The Doctor said that there is a chance it may return. I have some stretching exersises to do. My complaint is my ankle and like you said calf feels stiff. I have severe arthritis in my ankle from fractures ( 20 years ago) being in the cast has the ankle very stiff. I want to stretch and range of motion my ankle, but I am afraid to do too much too fast. So thank's for the advise. He wanted to give me another cortisone shot and put it in another brace (cast) that could come on and off, there was some question as to my HMO, and needing to buy from a certain place etc etc. Plus I didn't want another shot nor walking in a cast. I think because the heel felt good coming out of the cast, I'm optimistic that it wont't come back. I work in a hospital and am on my feet all day. He made an insert with a cut out under the part of the heel that hurts the most. I am suppose to reduce weight bearing in 1/2> I only have athletic shoes, none with a heel, but hopefully the lift helps out. What does the physical therapist do that you can't do yourself at home, knowing the exersises etc, etc? the massage sure sounds good. The time spend traveling to PT,then the expense (co-payment), for just having someone watch you do the exersises doesn't sound cost effective to me,anyone's comments on this??? 18:15:02

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