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Negative Comments Posted About Doctors

Old Bridge (Near New Brunswick), New Jersey, United States
Dr. removed a cyst from my right heal after I complained of pain in the area. After surgery when the pain persisted I asked him why.
He informed me that the cause of my pain was a heal spur and that I needed to purchase (form him) a custom heal cushion for $200.
An Orthopedist later diagnosed my problem as Plantar Fascitis which has been treated successfully with physical therapy.

Los Alamos (Near Santa Fe), New Mexico, United States
no positive results for heel spur and plantar faciitis treatment.

(Near ), Indiana, United States
Doctor proscribed $300 custom orthotics as the only treatment. Told me ice, streching, massage, splints, would not help at all, when in fact they are they only thing helping! Gave no advice on proper shoes, on how the injury occured, how it could be prevented, and how to cure it -even after I pestered him repeatedly. I had several office visits and a follow up stretched out over weeks with no relief. He did give me samples of new pain medication with no PDR info at all.
I would not reccomend this doctor. he does not listen, has no concept of physical therapy, overcharges, etc. etc.

New York City (Near ), New York, United States
I found this doctor, who supposedly is very big in his field, to be difficult to communicate with. HE just never quite "got" what I was saying. The orthotic he prescribed was very uncomforable, yet when I called him about it, his response was very abrupt. HE told me that I had had the problem for a long time and that it would not go away quickly. That was fine, but it was creating similar discomfort n another area of my heel, and I was concerned. He would hear what he wanted to hear. I don't remember the exact dates that I went to him, but it was in June of 2001. My last conversation over the phone was in July.

Orthopedic Surgeon,
lawton (Near ), Oklahoma, United States
need to know if he is a good foot doctor, he was refer to me because i have a foot problem, is being three years i still have pain on foot. He has not solved my problem.

Indianapolis (Near ), Indiana, United States
Doesn't have a clue about PF. He treats a high arched foot the same as a flat foot.

Orthopedic Surgeon,
Washington DC (Near ), District of Columbia, United States
I had surgery,plantar fascitis,on November 4,1998,at Georgetown Hospital. It was supposed to do epf,but he did not and cut and took part of the fascia (2 inch jagged cut). The pain was so bad that I had to stay overnight; the cast to the knee was too tight;I did not see the doctor at all, only students that try to give me medicines that I am allergic to. The crutches were too long and nobody taught me how to use them. The pain continue to be terrible; the results of Valium and Percocet as well. A fortnight later they pull the stitches, causing more pain and bleeding and again put cast to the knee in spite that I asked to shorten because my leg felt very heavy. He said it was in my mind. On Dec 1,I was rushed by my husband to the hospital after a therapist that had been called home privately,diagnosed DVT. I was dying of DVT and PE, and I was just saved because my heart and lungs were strong and I was very fit. He went to see me to the ICU only after my doctor dragged him there. No explanations, apology or anything. He did not put antiembolic stockings on me, did not give heparin during and after surgery,no pump, did not split the cast , nor sweeling was register as a cause to return to the hospital (at no time was DVT ever mentioned as a risk). My life has been ruined, the foot hurts more than before, lost the feeling and flexibility of that foot; ruined my other leg and hip to compensate; I can't walk for more than 300 yards; I have to use a cane; I have to take Coumadin for life because the valves of the leg vein were shattered; I have to use always compression stockings; and everyday something new appears. Susana

General Practitioner,
GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! You have to be joking. I was ambulating on crutches and on the forefoot. He did not do anything for 2 weeks until I had been to see a Physiotherapist. After that time, he decided to send me off for a Bone Scan, only cos the Physio suggested it. I was in so much pain, all he did was prescribe Naproxyn for the inflammation. I was diagnosed as having Acute Plantar Fasciitis, and I had to ask to see a specialist for a cortisone injection. I havent had much relief and went for another cortisone injection, this time under ultrasound 4 days ago, and they could see I had a partial tear. I am still in pain and after the initial injury om August 26th, 2001, I am pretty cheesed off and still cant work.

Orthopedic Surgeon,
Baltimore (Near ), Maryland, United States
Dr. was referred to me by another long distance runner after I had sceen three other doctors. He has the reputation of being of the best foot and anke specialist in the east. Dr. basically gave up on me after two visits to his office. I left with the feeling that he just didn't really care about my condition and wasn't willing to pursue anything or refer me to anyone else.

David A
Visits December 20, 2000 January 14, 2000

albuquerque (Near ), New Mexico, United States
Doesn't listen. Made me a really ineffective orthotics. Not personable. If it doesn't work his attitude is so what? I wouldnl't recommend him to anyone

Philadelphia (Near ), New Jersey, United States
Doctor looked at my xrays and said he would refer them to another doctor but in two weeks he still didn't have enough time to refer them when I was in a lot of pain.

lancaster (Near palmdale), California, United States
This doctor was very unprofesional. He was very breif and non helpful. I was and still am in pain when I saw him. I was in and out in under five minutes. I would not recomend this doctor to anyone even if they were dying

Orthopedic Surgeon,
HONOLULU (Near Y), Hawaii, United States

st. louis (Near yes), Missouri, United States
malparactice ,missed my diagnosis caused some permanetnt damage/feel due to his rushing to assumed judgments, instead of more fact finding Podiatrist,
Melbourne (Near Orlando), Florida, United States
Minimal beside manner. Ineffective. Doesn't seem to
want to go out of his way to help.

General Practitioner,
Salem (Near Portland), Oregon, United States
I just felt I didnt get a strong approach to the cure/help to rid the pain. She photo copied something out of a book for stretching and told me to get a heel cup and stop walking on the treadmill.

Raleigh (Near ), North Carolina, United States
Saw Dr. on 6/22/02 and 8/19/02. On 1st visit he xrayed feet, explained all treatment options, recommended this site, sent me home with nite splint. I was told to return in 6 wks for followup. 2nd visit was a little disappointing. While he had my chart in his hand, he couldn't recall any of my history or the treatment course we outlined 2 months before. I was told that if I didn't buy new running shoes and custom orthotics there was nothing else to do.He did encourage ESWT because his group was starting the procedure. I did get my feet scanned for the orthotics, but felt like I could have called the visit in and saved myself the trip and copay.Marsha

Orthopedic Surgeon,
Manassas (Near Washington, DC), Virginia, United States
He is a good surgeon, I guess, but all he proscribes is stretching and heel inserts which have done no good over the past year. During my last visit a couple of days he said that I should excersize more and that it was only pain, it wasn't like this was going to kill me. I don't think he knows how to cure heel pain nor does he understand the pain that comes with it.

Portland (Near ), Oregon, United States
Dr. was extremely unaggressive in my treatment. My typical visit to her, she had no idea what she'd already done for my treatment. Until I asked what the ultrasound was for and that it was a treatment and not a test, I had no idea. She kept me in a cast/boot for 3 months with little or no relief from the pain, before deciding to send me to phyiscal therapy and then that, only after I asked to give it a try since the taping and cortisone shots were not working. I will never go back to her again.

Baltimore (Near ), Maryland, United States

Podiatrist, irvine, near anaheim, California, United States
i was not impress with this dr. the first thing he did was bring me into his office for a constulation about my heel spur and than proceeded to tell me i will probably need surgury.9he came to tnis conclusion without x-ray or looking at my foot. after waiting over an hour to be seen i walked out after 30 minutes after consultation with rays taken and a boot the final bill was charged out to 1250.00. no follow up was done

Acupuncture, Pontiac, near , Michigan, United States
I had gastronemesis slide done in October 2001, the surgery was so old fashioned by today standards. I complained of very tight muscles in my my calf for almost 12 months, his only suggestion was it will go away in time. I decided to seek further medical advise, so I went to a Podiatrist. One shot of cortisone and tightness was 100% better in five days, GO FIGURE.

General Practitioner, Sequim, near Port Angeles, Washington, United States
MEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Podiatrist, Havertown, near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
This doctor gave me too many shots and over charged my insurance company and never resolved the problem

Orthopedic Surgeon, Houston, near , Texas, United States
This is my first experience with plantar fasciitis, which is the result of running the marathon. [] looked at my foot, but did not make a big deal out of it. He said if I continue to have problems, he could treat with cortisone or surgery. He said I could go to physical therapy if I want to, depending on "my schedule." It has been three weeks and I am not better, so I am going to someone else.

Podiatrist, St. Clairsville, near Wheeling, Ohio, United States
I went to him for help with plantar fascitis and was given the normal injections for pain relief within the arch area. The first time I was given the injections I told him that my foot felt worse within a few hours of leaving his office and within a few hours after that I could not walk. He said that was a reaction and the next time I went he gave me another injection. That one went fine, and was helpful. However the 3rd set of injections went even worse then the 1st one. I could barely walk to leave his office. After consulting with another podiatrist regarding this matter I was told that he missed the zone in the foot where he should have given the shot and instead numbed the rest of my foot while increasing the pain in the arch.

Podiatrist, Omaha, near , Nebraska, United States
He was personable , but I felt like he didn't really examine my feet. He just asked me what the problem was told me what I most likely had and took a few x-rays. He didn't really ask me any pertinent questions about how much time I spend on my feet or when the pain occurs or how longs it last.

Orthopedic Surgeon, Akron, near Akron, Ohio, United States
I am seeing Dr. [] for possible TTS. He has zero bedside manner- barely spoke to me while examining me, didn't ask many questions, offered no advice for alieviating pain/discomfort. I had to wait 3 weeks for an appointment with him, and this seemed like a total waste of my time... another week until my MRI, then another week and a half until he can meet to discuss test results. Almost everyone in the waiting room either had just had surgery or was preparing for it... seems as if that is almost the immediate response. Also, very little flexibility for appointments- only in office two days a week, no appointments after 4 for those that work.

Podiatrist, Bend, near , Oregon, United States
Dr. [] was my DR. but I stoped going to him because he wouldnt help me with this bad pain (Plantar Fasciitis) I have done all the treatments, bought all the expenceive sole inserts and nothing has helped. He would never give me anything for the pain and now all I do is suffer with this. I cant hardly walk. Every step I take hurts so bad I dont want to even get up in the mournings any more. I hate my life with this pain. It never goes away. I have suffered for over 7 months with this. What can I do????? Is there anything?
Thank you joni

Orthopedic Surgeon, Hot Springs Village, near Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
I rate Dr [] negative only because he did not even suggest that I look into non-surgical treatment for my heel pain nor did he discuss the usual recovery process following surgical treatment. I did not opt for surgery at this time and went to a podiatrist to give non-surgical treatment a try.

Orthopedic Surgeon, cincinnati, near , Ohio, United States
I have been in constent pain with repeated infections, whiule given keflex for 3 months and told to ice my foot down for pain. HE QACTS LIKE i'M WASTING HIS TIME WHEN I CALL.......

Podiatrist, Porterville, near Visalia, California, United States
Absolutely useless and really couldn't care less. Type of doctor that throws you a prescription and then tells you to come back in one month. Did not explain anything or offer any support. We have all been to doctors that get too comfortable just taking it easy and not showing any interest as long as the money comes in ...this is how i see this doctor of podiatry

Podiatrist, Old Bridge, near East Brunswick, New Jersey, United States
Dr. [] is without a doubt the worst doctor I have ever come across. I was having terrible heel pain and visited his office to seek help. He told me I have a heel spur and plantar faciitis must purchse $450 custom orthotics and that I would have to wear them the rest of my life. (Total scare tactic to make some money off of my pain) He NEVER told me that there were any steps I could take at home to alleviate the pain like ice, stretching, etc. I went ahead and ordered the orthotics out of desperation. He told me they would be ready in about a week. They were not ready for 2 weeks and I went to his office on a Saturday morning to pick them up only to find out that he had sent the request out wrong and they were not properly made. He then said he would send them back out and 'rush the order'....he then disappeared out of town on some convention for a week. By the time the orthotics came back, in an additional 11 days, I had already been helping myself at home and had sought alternative advice. I told him he could keep the orthotics! This doctor has absolutely no compassion or understanding of what it is like to be in pain and he is apparently only concerned with making a quick buck.

Podiatrist, Boston, near Boston, Massachusetts, United States
PLEASE, NOBODY GO TO THIS DOCTOR! He was absolutely one of the worst doctors I have ever been to. He saw me three times and never spoke to me or looked me in the eye. He also had exorbitant charges. On the final visit I was given my orthotics and told to walk around. He never even looked at my feet. When I voiced my complaints he got defensive and rude.

Orthopedic Surgeon, Minneapolis, near , Minnesota, United States
Dr. []'s surgery did not correct the problem and the problem continued to get worse (foot pain). The problem appears to have been misdiagnosed. He refused to refer for physical therapy. Eventually subsequent surgery was needed to correct complications from Dr. []'s surgery.

Podiatrist....Scarsdale......New York....Seemed sincere, but did not spend much time with me and seemed to go from Doctor to Salesman very fast. "I'll take an imprint right now and you'll have them in a week. Just $490 and I take Credit Cards. By the way, your insurance won't pay."

One nice thing that he does is give free seminars in his office to his patients only. He is a believer in the Holistic approach to medicine. Eating well and drinking a lot of water daily. He does this every Thursday night. While I was in his office, I told him that I work until 9p.m. and that I would not be able to attend. He said that was fine, but two days later he left a message on my home phone asking me to come to his Thursday meeting.
Yea,right!....zip_code=10580 cortisone into my left anterior ankle, resulting in damage to previously uninjured muscle tissue and supporting tendons.
I told her about the results; continued to see her for 2 more months, every 2 to 3 weeks. The next 4 subsequent visits went as follows:
1) 60 to 90 minute wait before seeing Dr.
2) Dr. came in and asked me if my foot still hurt
3) Dr. asked if I'd been set up for MRI yet
4) Dr. told me to come back in 2 weeks.
I've been treating myself ever since.
.... zip_code=30088 was referred by my family physician to go to Dr. after his diagnosis of Plantar Facaitis and Xrays showing a heel spur on the right foot. Dr. came in and said he needed xrays and then I told him they had already been taken. He said Yes and you have them on both feet. Then he proceeded to ask me where they hurt and loosley wrap the right foot with tape. He did not seem to be interested in the least bit that I was wondering how I was going to work with such pain. I told him my job and income depended on my being able to stand up and do my job. I even told him I was wondering if I should start looking at another occupation. All he said was "So you think you might change your occupation" I will see you in a week.
He did not offer a pain medication or suggest anything that would help with my pain or treatment. When I asked why he only tapped one foot he said that he did only one so that he could tell how it worked one one foot after a week. Then I asked if I could bath with this on and he said no you have to keep it dry. I asked if he knew of a way to shower and keep it dry and he said "Most people can figure it out" He was in and out of the room in 5-10 minutes and charged $75.00
He seemed very cold, uncaring and his attitude was rude.
I went back the next week and he spent about 5 minutes with me. again charging the same. He barley looked at the tapped foot and said that my insurance would not cover the cost of the custom made supports, so that meant that I only had 5 options that I could choose, they were "put up with the pain, have shots in each foot, pain medication, exercise,and go to a shoe store he recomended and buy insole supports from them. So he asked what I wanted to do and I told him "Well, you are the Doctor, you are the one who is supposed to know. So he said he would be back and write a prescription for pain, give me a paper with the name of a shoes store and show me the exercises. After he walked out he went straight into another patients room and then another. The nurse came and told me I could leave, I told her I was waiting for him to return to give me the instructions and prescription. She said Oh no, those are at the desk. I was hoping for a bit more personal help from him but I felt like he had just brushed me off. The nurse told me he wanted me to return in 4 weeks.
So basically I did what he said to do and my feet still hurt so bad I could die. I have lost 15 pounds in the last 2-3 weeks because the pain takes my appetite away. The pain is really bad in the AM and throught the day. They hurt and throb at night. I finally quit my job and I am currently staying home and off my feet as much as possible. I really don't know what else to do now. I worry I will lose my home. I am also trying to care for my son who is in a wheelchair and has Muscular Dystrophy. When he yells for my help it hurts so bad to get up and help him. I know this makes him feel really bad. Any sugestions? Another thing is that he never talked to me about my shoes and he did not explain a thing about what causes this and how I could do things to help my feet to heal. I feel he didn't care about my feet problem and now I am starting to think my family Doctor isn't so concerned as well for sending me to him......zip_code=46107

Podiatrist....Cumming....Atlanta ..Georgia.....I saw this person for heel pain in the fall of 1999. I was given three cortizone injections over a period of six weeks into the side of my heel. I have since found out that a person should never be given this much cortizone in such a short period of time. I never had any relief from the cortizone injections and now have been diagnosed with heel pad atrophy which is a condition that does not heel. I saw this person again for a follow up visit to see if anything could be done and was told that tissue would "thicken up". I have see many orthopaedic surgeons who have told me that is completely untrue. I would strongly discourage any person from going to this person for any foot problems. He has clearly no idea what he is doing. ....zip_code=30041

Podiatrist....Atlanta....Atlanta..Georgia.....I hesitated in posting these messages but feel I need to do so after what has been done to my foot. I saw this person in the winter of 2000 after seeing another podiatrist who treated me with 3 cortizone injections in the fall of 1999. I was told this person was one of the best podiatrist in Atlanta. I know now this is not the case. This person gave me numerous nerve treatments and multiple dianosis each time I visited his office. He finally suggested a cortizone injection into the bottom of my heel which gave me no relief. He then became frustrated with my progression and wanted to do a plantar facia release. This surgery in conjunction with the cortizone injection in to the bottom of my heel has left me with a indented area the size of a quarter in the bottom of my heel. I also now suffer from acute metatarsal pain which is the result of the mechanics of my foot being destroyed through this surgery. I was told over and over to give it time to heel and it never has. I have missed my opportunity to sue this person because the statute of limitations has run out on this because I wanted to believe I would get better and I never did. My mistake in trusting this person. I would strongly recommend that any person who is researching this podiatrist to stay away from him and seek the advice of a orthopaedic surgeon who is an M.D. and not a D.P.M. ....zip_code=30342

Podiatrist....Middletown, Rocky Hill....Hartford..Connecticut.......He prescribed a rock hard orthotic insert a few years ago. OK, but while it may have solved some of my problems it caused my PF. He never mentioned stretching, ESWT, or anti-inflammatories. It was not until I brought up all of these things that we discussed it. He is not a bad guy, and he is not terrible. But i feel he could have been more informative.....zip_code=06450

Podiatrist....Coeur d'Alene, ID....Spokane, WA..Idaho....Quite "old school." Only wanted to give cortisone injections and get rid of me. Seemed to chide me for not taking better care of my feet. How could I have known I was injuring my plantar fascia?!? Did not suggest any further information about the condition. Looking at this website would've been the best treatment he could've recommended.........zip_code=83814

Podiatrist....Columbia..South Carolina........Late for appointment. Too rushed to see if my insurance would pay for drug he was prescribing. Promised to call about X-rays Sat.: Finally had nurse call Monday. So lies to me, not concerned about cost to me, nor concerned about my time. Also after four months, no relief whatsoever....zip_code=29212

Podiatrist....Murfreesboro......Tennessee.....Did not mention that the surgrery he was going to do was considered 'bad practice', and was considered to be a measure that would only be taken after severe trauma.....zip_code=37130

General Practitioner....columbus.....this poor doc is like any pain is arthristis... right doc.. pain in the feets or hands ain't always art. it can be heel spur that is so long it is causing other things to happen or tendons... in you case send the pt to a specialist so they don't think they have arth.. and in my case hace to suffer to the point of no return and unneccassary surgey.. if this was caught sooner i believe surgery would not be on the options table...zip_code=31909

Podiatrist...phillipsburg....Easton PA....New Jersey....United States....He is part of []. He gave me multiple 6-8 cortizone shots over a 6 month period. This is causing some of the many problems I now have. I had gone for a 2 & 3 opinion on his advise to have a second surgery. Both have confirmed too many shots proberly causing the problem. If you have anything out of the normal find another doctor....zip_code=08865

Other/Unknown...Lake Jackson....Houston....Texas....United States....I was referred to [] because he was a pain management specialist
Dr. [] not only made me suffer even more excruciating pain his bedside manner and his lack of concern for "my problem" was beyond contempt. I would never reccommend him to anyone.....zip_code=77515

Podiatrist...Palo Alto....San Jose....California....United States....He is known to be an excellent foot/ankle surgeon in our area.....zip_code=94306

Podiatrist...W. Orange, NJ....New Jersey....United States....He's a nice man who doesn't know what he's doing. I had open plantar Fascia surgery upon his advice and it was a failure. I had post surgery complications and he was inavailable. He knows nothing about more modern technology in treating heal spurs. I had to educate myself through the net. A years waste of time and $ was spent on this doctor. ....zip_code=

Other/Unknown...plant city....lakeland....Florida....United States....Having been a longtime patient,and without knowing the reasons for missed appointment I was refused refills on meds I have been taking for lengthy period.I am diabetic,high blood pressure and suffer severe joint pain.I feel My faith and trust has been totally devastated.I am told to get the meds that I need I must make an appointment.I feel I can no longer trust any doctor.I am just thankful I wasn"t in need of heart meds until I saw the doctor.I thought your doctor was supposed to treat each patient as individual.

I had such high regards,now am just numb. ....zip_code=33567

Podiatrist...Houston....Texas....United States....This Doc is only interested in doing surgery & make money.....zip_code=77079

Podiatrist...Houston....Texas....United States....This Doc was awful and due to his incompetence caused me unnecessary pain for 6 months.....zip_code=77008

Orthopedic Surgeon...Pontiac....Michigan....United States....Doctor did gastro-slide. Caused nerve damage to ankle area and refused further treatment. Said problems would go away but two years later, still have same problem. Would not recommend this doctor. ....zip_code=

Orthopedic Surgeon...Dallas....United States....Complete misdiagnosis of Plantar Fasciitis (he could not see past the bumps on the bottom of my feet from Ledderhouse's disease.) Fortunately I went to a podiatrist who got it.....zip_code=

Orthopedic Surgeon...Dayton....Ohio....United States....Poor tarsal tunnel release post-op followup. First f/u appt not until 10 days post-op; normal TTS surgery initial f/u is 3 days!! He didn't even use stitches, just some kind of tape!! In severe pain 3 days post-op, I called and he wouldn't even come to the phone. Relayed msg through receptionist for me to "continue taking your meds and Dr. will see you when you come in next week." I went to ER, where the doc said my foot was so swollen the splint was pressing on the incision area. He re-splinted and gave appropriate meds. No time to listen to patients during office visits. You leave feeling stupid, and like you're a bother. Surgery was NOT successful. One yr post-op, still having multiple daily TTS "attacks," in spite of continuous neurontin.....zip_code=45432

General Practitioner...Woodstock....London....Ontario....Canada....When my mother went to our doctor for her heel problem his recommendation was for her to quit her job and to find a job that does not require her to stand on her arrogant! The woman is in her 50s, works very hard in a factory 12 hours a day. He did give her a prescription for some anti-inflammatory meds and for an insole, but such comments are quite unnecessary. Perhaps he could have shown a slight bit of compassion and given her a note so that she wouldn't have to work overtime, or worked some light duty until her foot felt better. This is the same doctor that misdiagnosed her finger and now she has limitied mobility with it.
What gives a doctor the right to treat his/her patients this way?....zip_code=

Podiatrist...Athens....Atlanta....Georgia....United States....1) treated me with injections when I had no complaint of significant heel pain
2) very poor communicator - did not answer my questions adequately
3) received 5 injections in 6 weeks - I now know this was too much !
4) Office was dirty and unattractive
5) told me I would need orthotics and that my insurance would not pay for it. I've since gone to another doctor who prescribed orthotics - my insurance covered 100%
6) I only went to him to have plantar warts removed. Now I am having extreme pain and difficulty with my foot.
7) medical assistant very unprofessional - profanity, cleanliness, etc.....zip_code=30606

Podiatrist...Mesa....Phoenix....Arizona....United States....Dr. [] encouraged me to take a cortisone shot which resulted in a torn plantar fascia. He knew that I had a negative experience six months before but said he had "tricks up his sleeve" which would have more positive results. Since the shot, I have been in constant pain, much worse than before. I have since been diagnosed by an MD foot specialist as having a torn fascia which wasn't the case before. Dr. [] also didn't return phone calls when I called about the pain, and refused to treat me when I returned to the office, saying "he warned me", which was a lie.

He also made me some orthotics which hurt my feet. He didn't even look at the fit when I first picked them up. I was just instructed by the secretary at the front desk to wear them a certain amount each day. I ended up returning them, but still have to pay $120. I have to pay in full because I have a large deductible for my insurance. He also overcharges in other areas. I bought a night splint for which he charged $145 and I saw the same splint in a sports medicine store for $67.

Stay away from Dr. []!....zip_code=85251

Podiatrist...Puyallup....Tacoma ....Washington....United States....Get a 2nd opinion if you have seen this Doctor........zip_code=98375

Podiatrist...Sacramento....Sacramento....California....United States....He is very flip, discussing everything but my foot pain. He does some minor thing, such as asjust my orthotic, and says that all is well and it won't hurt anymore, but nothing he has done in a year has helped. He continually acts as if he is all-knowing, but I do not feel confident in his judgement.....zip_code=95823

Podiatrist...Metairie....New Orleans....Louisiana....United States....He went straight for shots and expensive orthotics without even mentioning more conservative therapy. Always felt like he was running out the door when I was trying to ask questions. ....zip_code=70006

Podiatrist...burbank....los angeles ....California....United States.... i went to dr [] for planter facittis but he said i had a weak big toe and he built up the front of my orthoics by the big toe i had so much pain from them but he said ill get use to them i ended up with a severe ankle pain 2 yrs later and i just had surgery for planter facittis ray....zip_code=91201

Podiatrist...Merritt Island....Orlando....Florida....United States....I took my son in due to repeated ankle sprains playing basketball. At this time, I was looking for some preventive ideas and exercises that he could do to strenthen his ankles. X-rays were taken which I felt were unneccesary, but later realized that this afforded the office the opportunity to make a 2nd appointment that they could charge me for so the dr. could "read" the x-ray.
At the 2nd appt. the nurse (not the dr.) came in and told us that the x-rays didn't show anything (duh!) and that my son required orthotics at a cost of $400. I could put down $200 today and pay the rest later. He also needed physical therapy 3 times a week for 12 weeks! I felt such pressure I can't tell you! When the dr. (not the one we had seen the first day) finally came in, she spent about 45 seconds in the room. She had my son push this way and that way against her hands, asked if we had any questions and left. I made the physical therapy appointment, but declined the orthotics until discussing it with my husband. The next morning I cancelled the physical therapy appts. I spoke to the receptionist who then transferred me to someone else who did her best every which way to get me to reschedule the therapy. I finally told her that I was getting a second opinion. Her demeanor quickly changed to one not so nice.
Later on that morning (I was out) a message was left on my answering machine that the dr. was very "concerned" that I had cancelled and how important it was for me to call her back and discuss any questions I had. No thanks. Stay away from this practice. It appears $$$ is all they're after.....zip_code=32953

Orthopedic Surgeon...euclid....cleveland....United States....While reviewing my charts he did not even note that I had spent 6 weeks in a cast and months of physical therapy or that I had night splints which he had given to me. Indifferent to my situation. Have found someone else to treat me. Would never return to Dr. []....zip_code=


General Practitioner...Woodbridge....Washington, DC....Virginia....United States....[] is the health care provider, and the basic response on good/bad is that [] is great when you have a cold or an ailment easily treated by aspirin or other related drugs. But if you have an ailment that requires indepth knowledge, [] doesn't have a clue.......zip_code=22192


Podiatrist...Poplar Bluff....Missouri....United States....I had epf surgery and 2 weeks later fatty tumor removed from same foot, I understand that normal recovery is about 6 weeks it has been almost 5 for me and the pain is worse now then before I let him butcher it!....zip_code=63901

Podiatrist...Poplarbluff....Missouri....United States....Once again I rate this by far the worse dr I have seen sems at a loss of figuring things out

Podiatrist...Baton Rouge....Louisiana....United States....I visited Dr. [] for heel pain twice. Both times, he was very short with me, did not want to discuss my condition or explain treatments, and did not want to refer me to physical therapy. He walked out of the room just after I explained my symptoms and sent an assistant in to tape my heels and to give me heel cups, I was given no instructions on how long to leave the tape on or how to change it myself. When I asked if the doctor was coming back, I was told I could see him on my next visit, he did not have time to come back, he was visiting other patients. I did go back one more time, but did not manage to keep him in the room more than a minute, I was left having to ask his maybe 18 year old assistant what I was to do for follow-up if the heel cups, ice and exercise did not help. She was no help. I have never been back to this doctor, he does not seem to care a thing about his patients, stands there with a scowl on his face, walks out the room, and you think he is coming back in but he doesn't. Awful.....zip_code=70809

Orthopedic Surgeon...Wilmington....Delaware....United States....This doctor really could care less if you have Plantar Faschitis - he thinks that it just goes away. He doesn't operate on these types of problems, he won't prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs (makes you go back to your primary doctor for that) and he has a terrible bedside manner. He's suppose to be extremely well educated and may be great as an Orthopedic Surgeon but I would not go back to him if his visits were free.....zip_code=19709

Podiatrist...Norman....Oklahoma City....Oklahoma....United States....I have not been happy at all with my doctor. He hasn't explained why I'm having heel pain. Instead, I've had to find out for myself via the internet. I've been in pain for 9 months now!....zip_code=

Podiatrist...Grapevine....near Dallas....Texas....United States....I see another user here has been to Dr. []. He did nothing but charge me thirty dollars for a pair of inserts that did not work. Was very inpersonable and acted liek he was ina hurry and I was wasting his time. My feet got so bad so I went to a second doctor. I am now diagnosed with Tarsal Tunnel in both feet. Dr. [] did nothing to find this. He just said I had a heel spur. THANKS FOR WASTING MY TIME AND MONEY, DR. []!....zip_code=

Podiatrist...poplar bluff....Missouri....United States....Blotched my surgery, may sue him!....zip_code=63901


Podiatrist...newtown....phila....Pennsylvania....United States....dr.[] is the biggest jerk.he has no manners and just wants you to by the orthoditcs.he needs to have his lic.revoked do not go to him.....zip_code=19030

Podiatrist...Mt.Lebanon....Pittsburgh....Pennsylvania....United States....this doctor promised to give me 100% improvement with surgery. My expected time off from work was to be 3-4 weeks and it turned into 6 months.It is now 18 months since the surgery and I am still unable to walk as promised and have had the same heel pain develope in the other foot as a result of walking improperly to protect the original foot.....zip_code=15228


Podiatrist...Columbus....Ohio....United States....He was my first doctor when I got PF. He was a good talker but he could have done way more than he did and even said I could still go on my backpacking trip! His advise made my PF chronic!....zip_code=43017

Podiatrist...greensboro....North Carolina....United States....said I would probably have "to live with it."....zip_code=27282

Podiatrist...San Diego....San Diego....California....United States....I went to see this podiatrist with my hiking and running shoes. I wanted to see if there was uneven wear or so he could put me on a treadmill and watch my gait, he said it was to early to evaluate my shoes. I also brought in my 10 year old orthotics that I thought was the problem.

He told me I'd need x-rays and gave me a referral. The first visit he poked and prodded my foot and couldn't find the exact location of the pain, so he numbed my foot and told me to go trail running so he could find the injury! I did what was I thinking?

I went back and the x-rays were inconclusive. The ache in my foot still didn't pinpoint an injury, so he told me to come back with my hiking shoes and running shoes, I did that the first visit! Can you say co-pay?

Losing complete confidence in this person, I went back to my primary physician (sports medicine specialist) and found out that the physician I had seen was the only podiatrist on our health plan. I had to go back. Third visit, my gait looked fine, however he didn't want to give me new orthotics because he didn't believe in them and that is what "recreational" athletes wanted and he never gave "real" athletes orthotics!

I haven't been back and keep ibuprofen and ice handy. Keep stretching! ....zip_code=92123

Podiatrist...New York....New York....New York....United States....I felt a great indifference which was verified when I told him my Rheumatologist had to give me a shot into the tendon and he said, with great sympathy "I know". The problem is that he DIDN'T know - it had just been done and I'd never mentioned anything like it before.

Additionally, after one adjustment, I was told to adjust to the orthotics because there was nothing else he could do. ....zip_code=10023

Podiatrist.......United States....Dr [] asked me a question and I answered it but he has not got back to me in 2 days but I saw he answered some one yesterday on the 10.If he didn't know the answer, he sould have told me.....zip_code=

Podiatrist...Overland Park....Kansas City....Kansas....United States....I spent $360 on insoles and My heel is still killing me.....zip_code=66085

Podiatrist...Colorado Springs,CO....Denver....Colorado....United States....Dr. [] suggested that I have ESWT. He told me the cost was $1180. and that BCBS would has never paid and he did not expect it to for me. I was rejected by BCBS and then appealed. This DR. knew I would be likely having to pay for it. I proceeded with the surgery not waiting to find out if the insurance would pay. When I arrived for the ESWT and after my leg was numb I was given a paper to sign that the fee was going to be $6000+. This was the first that I knew about a further charge from the ESWT people. I was then told not to worry that they would not make me pay. I thought the whole thing was handled very unethically. Attempt to get the Dr. to speak to me after surgery were always referred to his business manager. He would not return my calls.....zip_code=80903

Orthopedic Surgeon...Morgantown....West Virginia....United States....Dr. [] jumped in and did tarsal tunnel surgery on my right foot.
It has NOT BEEN SUCCESSFUL. He did not check to see if I had
flat feet or make other more conservative suggestions, even though
I had visited other drs. I felt I had no other alternative and the
surgery has left my ankle stiff and still not relief from foot pain.
Orthodics have helped most.....zip_code=

Neurologist...Morgantown....West Virginia....United States....Dr. [] went along with my family doctor's diagnosis of
neuropathy. Actually, I have tarsal tunnel syndrome. He was
not willing to have me come back for a follow up visit or explore
other possibilities. Most of all, he has no bedside manner.....zip_code=

General Practitioner...Davenport....Chicago....Iowa....United States....I have been suffering with plantar fascitis for about a year now. It started in January. When I went to the doctor in May, he told me it was nothing to worry about. When I returned for the same problem in September, he gave me a prescription for some NSAIDs. I tried them for a month and a half, but they did nothing. Finally I requested a referral to a podiatrist, and he knew right away what it was. I am now thinking of changing GPs to someone who can figure out what it means when it hurts when you step down.....zip_code=52806

Podiatrist...Bedford....Fort Worth....Texas....United States....Coordinated treatment trying ineffective cortisone shot, and orthotics. Suggested surgery as next treatment which I declined and never got a satisfactory explanation about what exactly was going on except that I had flat feet and heel spurs and the spurs were the problem.....zip_code=76025

Podiatrist...Chicago....Illinois....United States....I started having heel pain in one foot and my general physician suspected plantar fascitis. She referred me to a podiatrist. The podiatrist did not take a history (other than the general medical history on the intake forms, with questions like "Are you having shortness of breath?"). Nor did he examine my feet or the shoes I'd brought we me as my general physician had suggested.

He did take X-rays, which showed that I have heel spurs on both feet (only one is causing pain). The podiatrist said that heel spurs can cause a bursa to develop, and that the cause of the pain in the morning is that fluid around or in the bursa has redistributed itself. He then wanted to use a needle to drain fluid out of the bursa to reduce the pain. I haven't seen this method listed as a treatment on any plantar fascitis or heel spur site. I said that I would prefer to go with a more conservative treatment. The podiatrist then taped my foot and sent me home with a prescription for an NSAID. He suggested that I come back to be fitted for orthotics when my pain has reduced by 50%.

I'm frustrated because I have very mild pain that only flares up when I run. Once I stopped running on my general physician's suggestion, most of the pain went away. So what I'm trying primarily to do is find out how I can protect my feet going forward, and what kinds of activity I should and shouldn't be doing. The podiatrist never asked about the kinds of activity I've been doing, or what my level of pain was, and didn't even touch my feet to determine the exact location of the pain. I will not go back to him to be fitted for orthoses because I don't feel that he really cares what is causing the pain in the first place, and I don't feel that I can trust him.

Podiatrist...Blacksburg/Christiansburg....Virginia....United States....Do not recomend him. All he did was continue to inject cortisone even though it was not working. He did give me a referall to PT after I requested it. His attitude was it couldn't hurt. The thing is, it really helped.....zip_code=24060


Podiatrist...Deland....Daytona....Florida....United States....Doctor did not explain the importance of staying off my foot after giving cortizone shot. ....zip_code=32720

General Practitioner...Vancouver....British Columbia....Canada....My rating is negative for the [] in Vancouver, B.C. Most, if not all, of the doctors at [] do not have the time of day for their patients. I have gone there numberous times and everytime I go there I get a prescription for some overly strong pain killers, and no real idea as to why I have pain and how I may go about treating my problems. Pain killers are not the solution, but a lazy way of placating or getting rid of your patient. What is lacking here is people who care about those who are suffering, and a desire to offer hope and an understanding as to why there is pain in the first place. The only positive thing I can say about this place is that they have good hours of operation - 9am to 9pm every day, 7 days a week.

Podiatrist...New York....New York....United States....He was abhorrent. I went to him for both PF and warts, he quickly dismissed my PF (which was, in my opinion a much more serious ailment) by sending me home with tape, a night splint and warnings of needing to get $500 inserts for my shoes. He then proceeded to go to town on laser treatments for my warts which made me cry (never, ever once have I ever cried from pain at any doctor, dentist, what have you). The insurance didn't cover most of the cost, his staff never answered my questions and I got a roll of duct tape and took care of it on my own for $3.99.....zip_code=10028

General Practitioner...staten island ....New york....New York....United States....He is too busy. Patient suffers for this. Not enough time to talk with patient. Staff can be unfriendly and standoffish depending who is working that day. Wait is tooooooo long two hours then another waiting for him to come in the room. Not too knowledgeable about medication interactions. Do yourself a favor and dont waste your time. ....zip_code=10306

Podiatrist...Omaha....Nebraska....United States....He seems to have given up on me. Put me off for a couple of days despite the fact that I had severe heel pain. ....zip_code=

Orthopedic Surgeon...Albuquerque....New Mexico....United States....Doctor is a quack. Heel spur sticking into achilles tendon, wanted to send me for physical therapy instead of removing. Dr. stormed out of room when I refused therapy and told him I wanted it removed. Then he post dated my pain rx so I couldnt even get it filled.....zip_code=87109

Orthopedic Surgeon...Naples....Miami....Florida....United States....I saw Dr. [] and i still have a lot of pain I'm not sure what to say I have a lot of pain after been in a cast for 4 months because I had stress fracture or calcaneus bone that was broke all I know is that I 'm not very hapy with him I would like to have some information in what to do I'm in a lot of pain.

Berta Behar. ....zip_code=34108

Podiatrist...Fremont....California....United States....I had self-diagnosed my pain as fallen metatarsal heads (metatarsalgia) and Dr. [] didn't want to do anything for it. He kept saying he needed to "stabalize the heel" as if it was a mantra. I kept telling him my problem was in the metatarsal area, not the heel. He didn't want to listen to me. Said it would fix the pain. Ok, so I bought the $350 custom orthotic. It didn't fix the pain--of course. He just wanted to sell me a custom orthotic as quickly as possible and get me out of his office. Afterwards, when I complained, he told me he would not spend any more time with me. Subsequently I found a simple metatarsal pad for $6 that took care of the problem. ....zip_code=94538

Podiatrist...Palm Harbor....Florida....United States....Was told I have Plantar Fascitis and was given no treatment direction by Dr. his wife came in and tried to sell shoes and\or inserts.....zip_code=34684

Podiatrist...Clayton....Raleigh....North Carolina....United States.... poor bedside manner; cold, uncaring, not a good listener
more concerned about the financial aspects of treatment vs. my well-being, "salesman like" approach
I just had open (not endoscopic) PF release surgery last week and have had 1 post-op visit so far in which he stated that "he has done this hundreds of times" and that I am "the only to complain of post-operative pain"
will have the same procedure on my other foot but I will not return to him again for surgery....zip_code=27520

Podiatrist...Clayton....Raleigh....North Carolina....United States.... I just had open (not endoscopic) PF release surgery last week and have had 1 post-op visit so far in which he stated that "he has done this hundreds of times" and that I am "the only to complain of post-operative pain"
will have the same procedure on my other foot but I will not return to him again for surgery">....zip_code=27520

Other/Unknown...Brighton, Canton....Boston....Massachusetts....United States....The bad doctor, bad person I've had ever seen.
Don't go to this person, I can't call him a "doctor",!!!!!....zip_code=

Podiatrist...St. Louis, MO....St. Louis....Missouri....United States....My foot is worse after surgery. Wouldn't take the time to listen to further concerns after surgery. Office is dirty and not up to date.....zip_code=

Podiatrist...Clayton....Raleigh....North Carolina....United States....Since I am not a MD I cannot judge his surgical "skills". However, I can say that he has a terrible bedside manner and does not take the time to listen to his patients concerns. He perfomed my PF release surgery approx 4 weeks but I have already found another Dr. to manage my care from now on.......zip_code=27520

Podiatrist...montgomery....Alabama....United States....Very nice ,but made me orthotics that were killers after that both feet hurt and they fit so poorly in my shoes I fell off of them and sprained my ankle.These orthotics were literally like puting bricks in my shoes.....zip_code=

Podiatrist...west nyack....New York....United States....I have a negative rating for this dr. He heavily touted a expensive proceedure for my foot. First however, he requested a xray, then mri.

When it came time for the proceedure I was denied by my ins co. When questioning the nurse in his office, she advised that my ins co never covers this proceedure. I believe that this dr. didn't share in information that he is privy to. I should have been told that although this proceedure could be benificial, your ins co does not cover. If i was told this in the beginning I would have chosen a different course of action.



Podiatrist...Holly....Between Flint & Pontiac....Michigan....United States....I went to this doctor twice. The first time he saw me he took x-rays and told me I had heel spurs. He never said anything about plantar fasciitis. He gave me a shot in each heel and prescribed Celebrex. He told me to come back in a week. When I did, he gave me another shot in each heel and told me to continue taking the Celebrex until it was gone (20 days total), then to see if the pain was still there. When I asked him about doing stretching exercies, he said that they really wouldn't do much good and did nothing else for me except use drugs to take away the pain and inflammation. When the pain returned a week after I ran out of Celebrex, I found another doctor.....zip_code=48442

Podiatrist...Valparaiso....Gary....Indiana....United States....He only looked at my feet after I told him I thought it was pf. I mentioned I had been diagnosed 20 years ago with rhumitoid arthritis but never had any problems up to now. He took no x-ray to make sure this was the problem. Then tells me to stretch-orthonics-night splint.I need to spend $500.00 first to try this treatment. i told him I'm a cook and stand on my swollen-spasm in both feet-while working and would like a cortizone shot. He told me that would take the pain away and swelling but that it would not resolve the reason this happened. He showed me how to stretch,when I got up to stand my him to make sure I was doing it right he told me to go sit down that he has alot to go over with me.Then he showed one more stretch,sat down and said ok go stretch now. I said forget it! I was so humiliated when he told to sit down the first time I was not moving.I questioned him about the cost for this program, he started ranting about his secretary has all this info. Then he goes back to his blackboard and wrote the three things I need to do and wrote in free by stretching(since I mentioned money)to embarass me once again. I told him that I was a runner he never mentioned anything about taping my feet. He did absolutely nothing to help me. I learned more on the internet than his office.I left the office in pain and $125.00 lighter!....zip_code=46383

Podiatrist...Burlingame....San Francisco....California....United States....Do not visit this Doctor for treatment for Plantar Fasciitis. Unfortunately I did and 18 months later my PF has worsened, I can't run anymore, hundreds of dollars in Shoes, Physio, time off work etc.
Two pairs of orthotics were poor/incorrect. His knowledge appears porr and/or incorrect. Has very little time for you (all appointments, I realise we can all have bad days). He failed to fit the orthotics for the 2nd attempt, failed to take X-rays.
After getting a 2nd opinion I realise what a decent Podiatrist should do. ....zip_code=94010

Other/Unknown...San Francisco....California....United States....I had a facelift with this doc and I wish I had never done it. The skin was drawn too tight and now even a year afterwards I can't really smile. The scars are also not hidden properly in the hairlines and they are really visible. The worst part of the experience is his attitude in all this; after I described all this too him all he gave was an impassioned, 'this is part of the business,' and walked out of the room. Beware of this doctor.....zip_code=94104

Podiatrist...Glenview....Chicago....Illinois....United States....She did not seem interested, I felt as though she thought that I was bothering her. I explained that I had been doing the icing and stretching for almost 2 years without relief. She clearly was not listening and went by the book. Sent me for physical therapy which did more damage than good. The physical therapist listened and recommended Weil Jr. in Des Plaines. His treatment was much more aggressive and helpful. ....zip_code=60062

Podiatrist...Dakota Dunes....Sioux City, IA....South Dakota....United States....Charged $860 for one office call to treat plantar fasciitus, which I already knew I had.....zip_code=

Other/Unknown...Bethlehem....Pennsylvania....United States....I strongly caution anyone who might choose Dr. [] as their Anesthesiologist to do some indepth research on the process of administering anesthesia. Please make sure that you question his every move before you allow him to administer any medication to you. Make your expectations VERY clear to him before your surgery begins if possible. ....zip_code=18105 park....jacksonville....Florida....United States....He does not seem to care about conservative treatments. I went from orthotics to surgery for a neuroma in my feet. He never tried cortizone or scolerizing(SP) with alcohol. My foot is worse than it was before the surgery. I have a lump the size of a golf ball under my foot and I no longer have the use of my 4th toe. I was told it was a simple surgery, I would not lose the use of my toes, and I would be walking in 5 days. It has been 6 weeks and I am miserable.....zip_code=32221

General Practitioner...Winchester....Murfreesboro....Tennessee....United States....She has misdiganosis many of my friends and myself. I had to change Dr.[] to get anything done for the pain. One of my friends almost died because the ultra sound she had at this office the person was not certified and her problem was overlooked. I ended up having surgery and so did another one of my friends after going to another Dr. My understanding is she is taking diet pills and have been for yrs and its messing with her mind. I would suggest people find another Dr. before its to late. She is also making false reports so she can ripp off insurance. People who go to her needs to take notice of her actions.....zip_code=37398

...largo....clearwater....Florida....United States....he is a terrible doctor. i have been on treatment by him, yet only met him once in one year. i have to deal with nurse practitioners who are NOT doctors. i have labs done monthly and they never ever call me back to give me the results even after calling repeatedly for weeks at time, they never return my calls. they had me come in for 3 months to get shots done. then they called one day and said they can no longer give me shots, i'd have to do it myself, or be charged an exorbitant amount to have them administer the shots in the future. well i opted to have them teach me how to do the shots, and then they billed me for the past 3 months....after they TOLD me previously it would be no cost, just stop in and we'll give you your shot. even the nurses who are wonderful said they are not permitted by law to do that, because there is no record of me having an appointment on that day. [] is the office manager and she is like hitler. i'm afraid of her and so are the nurses. she has berated the nurses in front of me and she is very unprofessional. another office manager is a guy, and he blatantly bold faced lied to me when i asked him about these charges. he said he would talk to the doctor, then went in an office, made a fake phone call and told me that the insurance company wouldn't let him remove the charges. however he said the WRONG insurance name and when i questioned him on it, he couldn't tell me my correct insurance carrier, and furthermore they never turned it into insurance, which is how i know they are lying, and the nurses are the one who told me that. this doctor and [] are all about money....and they don't care about any of their patients. obviously, i've only met him once in a year.....zip_code=33771

Podiatrist...Austin....yes....Texas....United States....very arrogant. talks about himself more than about you and your problem. staff is rude, lose refill requests. uses morally questionable methods of extracting payment, and charges a HUGE markup on products. (I paid $400 for a boot that costs $82.50)....zip_code=78746

Other/Unknown...Arlington Heights....Chicago....Illinois....United States....Is afraid of being sued
Has no patient empathy
Doesn't like her opinions questioned

Podiatrist...Ellicott City....Baltimore....Maryland....United States....Rushed into treatment with coritsone and custom orthotics without discussing other treatment methods. Did not address issue in Achilles tendon of foot with worst problem, just shrugged it off as part of aging. (This ankle has significantly reduced range of motion compared to the other) Became upset when, on second visit, I refused a second round of cortisone, preferring to wait and try less aggressive treatments such as ice, stretching, and more rest. She only gave me one stretching exercise. Became very rude as I continued to refuse the cortisone. Prefers to treat the symptoms of the problem rather than assessing any potential biomechanical problems which might actually prevent a recurrence. She will be history once the orthotics arrive.....zip_code=21043

Other/Unknown...Infertility....New York City....New York....United States....I used Dr [] for 3 IUIs & 1 IVF cycle. Dr [] spent very little time discussing our issues or answering questions for me & I did not get any info on how to handle post IVF issus which may have contributed to its failure. I also had more complications than friends of mine who used other Drs. The staff was very unhelpful. I used the office because it was covered by my insurance, however, I was shocked to find out after my failed IVF that Manhattan Reproductive Medicine is a seperate entitity from DR [] and that this lab was not covered by my HMO. [], the billing coordinator, was so rude and unhelpful from the start. She either made a mistake & did not realize I had an HMO that did not participate with Oxford or they intentionally mislead patients to belive Dr [] and [] is the same entitity. I am suing Dr [] for failing to inform me they were using a lab outside of my HMO. Also [] charges more than the best IVF programs in NYC. I was billed almost 18k for 1 IVF, not including the drugs or pre IVF visits. ....zip_code=10021

Podiatrist...Lake St. Louis....St.Louis....Missouri....United States....When I first went to see this dr. The there was talk of torsal tunnel release,after the dr. removed another problem called mortons neroma, she denied I needed the torsal tunnel surgery and released me to return to normal activity ,without consultation of how the original problem was feeling. It seemed she got her pay from this surgery and did not recieve enough being medicaid and did not care for the patientfollow up and released me.....zip_code=63385

Other/Unknown...Newark....wilmington....Delaware....United States....A real jerk. Not interested in patients well being at all. Unethical as they come. Stay away!!!!!....zip_code=19711

Other/Unknown...Salt Lake city....salt lake ....Utah....United States....incompetent....zip_code=84103

Podiatrist...Bowie, MD....DC/Baltimore....Maryland....United States....I was a patient of Dr. []. Below I've listed my perceptions/opinions of the doctor:



-seemingly not a good listener. seemingly wasn't interested in what I had to say

-seemed to get annoyed when I was unable to give her a "specific date" of the onset of my suspected PF. The doctor related that a specific date was required for INS purposes and that "Late July" wouldn't suffice, so WE (actually SHE) chose September 27th? (I don't know either)

-absolutely non-responsive (literally failed to respond to numerous email messages and phone calls concerning the INCREASED pain I'd experienced in the weeks after my visit)

-looked at my x-ray from at least 10 feet away and for 2 seconds at MOST (I'm being generous)....the doctor told me that it looked "great"

-made to feel like I was wasting her time (I'd never have shared that had I not been told the same thing by another of her patients)

-the doctor's staff were patently UNPROFESSIONAL....Another SPORTS MED DOC had suggested that I bring my "worn" running shoes in order that the doctor take a look at them if she so chose....The PA who started my chart laughed at me and made a joke and then it appeared that the doctor rolled her eyes when she came in. It was surreal. I felt like I was the subject of a social experiment.


Other/Unknown...Esdondido....San Diego....California....United States....[] [] is an Otorhinolaryngolgist (Ear, nose, throat). I went for an ititial consultation for tinnitus. He spent all of 5 minutes with me. He took a cursory look in my ears, rehashed my hearing test back to me, (the audiologist had done a fine job of that two days previously, told me to come back in a year, and that he did not know what was causing my tinnitus, and there was nothing to do about it anyway. He did all of this with an open exam room, and walked out to the reception area at that point, asking me to follow. He THEN asked, in front of reception staff and waiting patients, if I had any questions. He was cold, disinterested, and callous. I would not go back in a year or in a million years.....zip_code=

Podiatrist...Belton....Kansas City....Missouri....United States....He hasn't been very helpful kin of rude.....zip_code=64747

Orthopedic Surgeon...Las Vegas....Nevada....United States....Butchered my shoulder. Ruptured bicep tendon and took 4 surgeries to do a normal rotator cuff repair.....zip_code=89015

Other/Unknown...Opelousas....Lafayette....Louisiana....United States....I am a health care provider, thus i'm very familar with how things are run in a doctors office. My experience on both occasions of taking my child to this doctor were horrible. I would not advise a person to take there pet here. It's horrible. The office staff is very rude, you are treated like you're dumb and stupid and on top of this you are given appts at times when the doctor is not there.

I have never in my life met such an incompetent group of people. They will address you as baby no matter what age you are, get very defensive with you if you attempt to ask any questions and they will not in any way make your visit there a happy experience. There is a particular nurse that works for him name Melissa who is the rudest person i've ever met. I do not understand how such a person is allowed to work with the public.

Please do not take your child to these people, you will walk out wondering if you had just had a visit to HELL.

Also the wait is a minimum of 2 hours, you will sit in the back for a mininum of 1 hr.


Podiatrist...Bowie/Annapolis....Maryland....United States....- Failed to listen
- Dismissive
- Staff seemed completely disorganized
- Unresponsive (failed to respond to numerous email messages, which according to the Doctor was the "best and most preferred" method of contact
- Seemed very annoyed that I could not give her a specific date of onset of PF...Claimed it was required for insurance. At that point, I realized that she wasn't asking to get a better sense of my symptoms or condition but only so that she could complete her paperwork.
- Another Sports DOC recommended that I bring in my running shoes so that she (a supposed Sports POD), if she chose, could look at the wear/tear of my soles to get a better idea of my gait, etc. and while I'm sure she and her staff would deny it....they laughed at me for bringing in two pair of running shoes for her review. I was mortified.

Other/Unknown...Lima, Paulding, Defiance, Toledo....United States....Dr. [] is NOT a good doctor. He is unprofessional, let's his own opinion over-ride the good care of the patient. Doesn't listen to input from the patient or family on the best plan of action for care for the patient. In short, he things HE IS GOD and the things he does are underhanded and unprofessional and he should be investigated by the State Medical Board!!!!....zip_code=

Podiatrist...CHAPEL HILL....North Carolina....United States....First time visit for ingrown toenail. He trimmed all my toenails and cut below the quick on two of my toenails making them bleed and just said, "sorry I pinched you!"
He then tried to cut out the ingrown toenail and was brutal makiing both my large toes also bleed. I experienced much pain while he was working. It is two weeks later and my large toes are still hurting. I've been putting neosporin on them morning and night trying to heal the pain he caused. I've been going to podiatrists for 44 years and have NEVER had an experience like this. He was rough, and just kept jabbing at my toe with these huge toenail clippers, rather than using more suitable tools to remove ingrown toenail. I have gone to a podiatrist to have my ingrown toenails cut out for many, many years and always came away feeling such relief, never again will I cross this doctors doorway!....zip_code=

Podiatrist...Solana Beach....San Diego....California....United States....He seemed to have the same treatment for everyone. I ended up with huge clunky orthotics that I'd never be able to use. ....zip_code=92014

Orthopedic Surgeon...Fort Worth....Texas....United States....Doesn't appear like a physician at all!! Yes you have a problem not much you can do about it type. Wasted time and money on these visits. Should have known better to return to her office. Can't say if she is intelligent just seems not to care that much. Hope it was just a bad impression for all her patients sake. ....zip_code=

Podiatrist...St. Albans....Charleston....West Virginia....United States....If you need surgery, don't use this doctor.....zip_code=25177

Orthopedic Surgeon...San Antonio....Texas....United States....Unable to offer effective treatment for back of the heel bone spurs with excessive pain.....zip_code=78234

Other/Unknown...Lansdowne....Philadelphia....Pennsylvania....United States....Lied about tests and samples. Couldn't give a diagnosis because he never took a stone sample he later lied about waiting for results from. I waited 2 hours in the office, just to be told he had nothing to be able to tell me.....zip_code=19080

Podiatrist...Washington....District of Columbia....United States....Dr. [] was curt. He ordered an insert that was too hard. Did not inform me that I should ice or stretch. The first set of inserts did not work. He appeared annoyed that I got worse. In fact, he appeared skeptical that my foot got worse after wearing his too hard inserts. It turned out those inserts didn't work so he ordered another pair of the same type. He then left them in his car trunk for a month and when I went to his office they told me no one had called to tell me they were ready, which they were. A year later, I went to another much better doctor and was given a night brace, instructions on icing and stretching, and he ordered a softer insert. I am already feeling better. [] appeared to me to be arrogant and more interested in his celebrity and political clients (he practices in Capitol Hill) than me. I wasted over 400 dollars and experienced a year of pain because of him. ....zip_code=

Podiatrist...taylorsville....salt lake....Utah....United foot was infected and he gave me oral antibiotics and then refused to treat me when it was worse.....zip_code=84119

Other/Unknown...St. John's....New Foundland....Canada....Dr. [] is not a good doctor in my opinion. Twenty seven years ago a train crushed my ankle with attending physicians reporting these injuries. "Diastasis" and "severe crush injury to tendons and ligaments' and, "broken ankle in at least two places" and "not to walk or stand for any length of time".
February 2005 I began to experience severe disabling pain while standing on foot and have been unable to walk because of pain. In fact I have not been able to stand for more than an hour or two since the accident. An x-ray was performed at a local hospital and sent to Dr. Malone. Following this an appointment was set up to see him concerning the results. His words to me were "That's okay." no other information was offered to me by Doctor Malone concerning my condition or possible treatment and not even a diagnosis was offered.
I fail to see what is 'okay' about experiencing pain so severe I am unable to walk and have been housebound for most of the last sixteen months. ....zip_code=a1c-3x2

Other/Unknown...St. John's....New Foundland....Canada....Dr. [] is not a good doctor in my opinion. Twenty seven years ago a train crushed my ankle with attending physicians reporting these injuries. "Diastasis" and "severe crush injury to tendons and ligaments' and, "broken ankle in at least two places" and "not to walk or stand for any length of time".
February 2005 I began to experience severe disabling pain while standing on foot and have been unable to walk because of pain. In fact I have not been able to stand for more than an hour or two since the accident. An x-ray was performed at a local hospital and sent to Dr.[]. Following this an appointment was set up to see him concerning the results. His words to me were "That's okay." no other information was offered to me by Doctor Malone concerning my condition or possible treatment and not even a diagnosis was offered.
I fail to see what is 'okay' about experiencing pain so severe I am unable to walk and have been housebound for most of the last sixteen months. ....zip_code=a1c-3x2

Podiatrist...Coral Springs....Fort Lauderdale....Florida....United States....Misdiagnosed me and treated me with unnecessary injections and therapy. Told me to stop working out which was a horrible thing in my life. I lost 6 months of precious time that probably made things worse in the long run. I finally got a correct diagnosis by going for a second opinion and being referred for proper tests by a neurologist.....zip_code=33071

General Practitioner...Anaheim....California....United States....Did not listen to me, or any of the research I had done. Also prescribed meds that go against several of my conditions. Left with a very uneasy feeling. ....zip_code=92804

Orthotic Maker...San Diego....California....United States....Selling gel orthodic on-line. made it sounf like they were better than sliced bread. Well after breaking the first pair withen a month, he sent the strong "runners" version to me that last two months. Fancy web page, and lots of reviews for the same price as traditional ones that I am noe buying to solve me PF.....zip_code=

Podiatrist...Cedarhurst....NY City....New York....United States....Had a Haglunds deformity that required surgery. Dr. [] operated and now I am worse off than before. I would go somewhere else.....zip_code=11598

Orthopedic Surgeon...springfield....dayton, ohio....Indiana....United States....when i first went to him he showed concern. did a x-ray later ordered a MRI then did injections with the plobe by freezing ,explained every- thing to me. i've had heel pain for a month now and still in some pain, he's always asking my level of pain. i't was a 10 and now i'ts a 7-8 most of the time. i go back to him next week. i have plantar fasciitis. in my right foot. his office staff are wonderful caring as well as he is.everytime i go to leave his office he always says if you have any problems or questions before your next apointment please feel free to call this number.just knowing that makes me feel good that he dose care about me.....zip_code=45505


Other/Unknown...Dallas....Texas....United States....Maxillary Facial Surgeon

-Failure to follow through.
-Does not let the patient know a game plan.
-Rude and Inconsiderate, to my wife and child.
-If patient has ancillary problems, beware. He refuses to accept diagnosis from Medical Doctors who specialize in the area in favor of those who know little or nothing about the matter, and thus will not make a diagnosis.
-Treats wife and daughter as second class, even if they know more about an ancillary problem affecting the treatment than he, Dr. [].
-Does not return calls, if you press the issue he gets angry very quickly, even if it is another Medical Doctor.
-God complex.
-Assistants are just as rude.
-He may have had some success with a few run of the mill problems; but, I would not recommend him to anyone who has any complications. I still be willing to recommend him to my enemy, if I wanted to see them suffer!

Podiatrist...New York....New York....United States....Consulted for back of heel pain in both feet. Problem treated with 6 cortisone injections over 5 months. No x-rays taken, just injections at each visit. Developed acute achilles tendon flare-up 5 months following last injection (no prior problems with achilles tendonitis). After consulting a second DPM, learned through MRI and xrays that I have large heel spur (retrocalcaneal bursitis -- smaller heel spur on other foot), a small tear in achilles tendon and chronic insertional achilles tendonitis. Have exhausted all conservative measures including ESWT and now have sheduled surgery. Please stay away from this doctor!....zip_code=10019

...New York....New York....United States....Big reputation not withstanding, I found him - in the long run (which I certainly cannot undertake myself at the moment)- most unhelpful. The treatment didn't work and when it entered an acute phase, his office only suggeested I take anti-inflammatory agents and see him in a week!....zip_code=

Podiatrist...Jonesboro....Memphis....Arkansas....United States....He has been treating me for a year and did not help me. All he did was give me shots of cortizone--no pain medication, excercises, anti-inflammatory medication or arches. I had to go to a different doctor for help.....zip_code=72401

Podiatrist...San Antonio....Texas....United States....Horrible doctor. Absolutely promissed my foot would feel a lot better after surgery. It is in fact MUCH WORSE and my big toe is now very crooked, which it was not prior to the surgery. I can not recommend this guy at ALL!....zip_code=78247

Podiatrist...Austin....Texas....United States....Many times a doctor or specialist is rated when there are no known comparisons. I believe it helps to believe we have the best of care, even if we donít. I have experience with 2 podiatrists and there is a vast difference in the quality of care.

I have plantar faciitis. Dr. [] touched my foot in one place and did so with excessive pressure. It sent me flying out of the chair with pain. He said I needed a shot. There was no other inspection to determine the extent of damage in other areas.
The x-rays were done with equipment that was not designed specifically for the foot. I never got to see the x-rays.

I was previously told a horror story about a doctor who gave cortisone shots the wrong way. Dr. [] placed me in an awkward position and I could not believe it when he gave me a shot in that manner. He did not insert the needle once but did so about 20 times in rapid succession. It was painful. Afterwards, I cold barely walk. For the next 24 hours I was totally incapable of placing my foot on the ground. I had been injected with cortisone but it was not placed in the right area. The tissue in the area of the shot had been tenderized in a crude way.

I waited 2 weeks and went to the podiatrist of my choice. Dr. [] had given me a cortisone shot 6 years earlier. He had to give me another one since the shot by Dr. [] was not in the right location. The shot by Dr. [] could barely be felt. He inserts the needle from the side of the foot and lays down a layer of cortisone exactly where it needs to be in order to have maximum effect. After the shot I could walk again. There was no discomfort the following day from the shot. Dr. Brace told me my first cortisone shot was done incorrectly but there was nothing he could tell other doctors because they would not listen to him. My total time with Dr. [] was about 4 minutes. My total time with Dr. [] was about 30 minutes.

I believe excessive use or improper use of cortisone is not good.

Podiatrist...San aNtonio....Texas....United States....My experience was horrible! He neither cares nor understands the procedures he claims to be expert in. I can not decry thisman enough. Stay away!....zip_code=

Podiatrist...St Albans....Charleston....West Virginia....United States....I really thought she was a great Dr and was with her for over 2 yrs. Now that I have a torn tendon,TTS and many other problems that I think has resulted from the plantar fascia surgery, she dropped me as a patient in wheelcheer waiting on something to be done. Was not referred to anyone else now I have to start over if I can get a Dr to take me and my problems. =(....zip_code=25177

Podiatrist...santa monica....LA....California....United States.... i had a horrible experience at the foot and ankle institute with Dr. []. first off, you are treated like cattle here...they triple book appointment times...and the wait is often an hour after your apppointment. Dr. [] bedside manner is arrogant and even worse, unqualified. I went in for some issues regarding my foot and he treated me ( all of 5 minutes since they have 8 rooms going at once) and requested a follow up in a month. When i showed up for my follow up, the nurse and the dr treated me like they had no idea who i was ( the first question was "so what brings you here") when i suggested they consult my chart,there was none and i was told they don't use them (!) the doctor then retreated my foot and told me to check with my general doctor for a prescription. [] told me how to take the medication ( 2 times a day for one week then off for three and then again the same cycle for 3 months). when i went to my dr, i had blood drawn to be sure my liver functions were normal and then i was given the prescription. at the pharmacy, the prescription stated ONE tablet EVERY day. i called [] to explain. he called the next day, and didn't unerstand what the problem was! i finally got him to understand my confusion and he told me he was sorry, that "he should have looked the medication up to be sure how to administer it correctly" he also told me he doesnt really treat my condition. THIS IS A SPECIALIST! why did he treat me in the first place if this is not what he does?? he then bruskly told me the converstaion was over. later i called to reschedule my follow up with another dr at the clinic and i was promtly told that they were refusing me treatment. i plan on letting the certification board know this. beware...this is another medical factory that tries to make as much money on high volume and low patient care and skill. and dr [] is the worst dr i have ever encountered.


Podiatrist...mesa....mesa....Arizona....United States....all he does is injections, would not visit agian.....zip_code=85205

Podiatrist...Newark....Wilmington....Delaware....United States....A current Physician treating me discovered that I was badly "misdiagnosed" several years ago before he did my surgery. The end results of this surgery and the complications that followed have resulted in my total disability. I am still after several years, being treated on a regular basis for the after effect complications.....zip_code=19711

Orthopedic Surgeon...Peoria & Tempe....Phoenix....Arizona....United States....He and his staff are very pleasant and made quality inserts for me. The negative rating is because he did not suggest anything other than wearing custom insert & rest or surgery for my PF.
Being completely ignorant, I wasted 7 months in crippling pain, decreased pain but still unecessary pain. As mom of a 4 yr old I needed more aggressive treatment. ....zip_code=85381

Other/Unknown...Park Ridge....Chicago....Illinois....United States....This stupid doctor literally killed my baby.I kept calling this group practice when I started spotting at my 39th week,and this stupid doctor(last call I spoke with this guy) asked me not to wait till next morning and by the time I went there, baby's heartbeat had stopped.My baby looked so healthy, they could not figure out any problem later.I would never recommend this group to any expectant moms.this was my 2nd pregnancy and I went to the same group thinking that they know me and everything had gone well with the first pregnancy as well as delivery.but 2nd one, pregnancy was good but not the end result.they made me wait for 2 full days after I called them when I had the first spotting 2 weeks earlier than the due date,they knew that my daughter was born 2 weeks early too.But they did not see me at all though I called them 3 times.The group has [] doctors. [] even said it has happened before and she was sure to come across this again in her career, what kind of a doctor talks to the patient like this especially after all this happened instead of being sympathetic and sorry! ....zip_code=60068

Other/ York....United States....awful fails to warn about potential complications....zip_code=11234

Other/Unknown...New York....New York....New York....United States....Was taken advantage of by Dr. []. She led me to believe that most insurance companies cover the HPV shot but guess what, they don't. I would NOT recommend her to anyone.....zip_code=10021

Podiatrist...Depew....Buffalo....New York....United States....Not very helpful. Did not help me at all. His treatment of choice appears to be prescription strength Naproxen. I got more information searching the internet than I received from this doctor. Very rude and nasty staff ....zip_code=14225

Podiatrist...joliet....chicago....Illinois....United States....I saw Dr. [] for a large thorn that went in my foot and the tip of the thorn broke off in my foot upon extraction.
He wanted to give me a pain reliever. I explained that I am allergic to acetominophen (tylenol). He said," I will give you vicodin".

I said, "That is a acetominophen containing drug, is it not?"

"No,he said, "I prescribe it to all my patients that are unable to take TYlenol."

Of course, he was very wrong and I could have died if I had taken the prescription.

The guy is a quack.....zip_code=60540

Podiatrist...Glendale....Los Angeles....California....United States....Dr. [] is a terrible doctor. He operated on both of my feet for neuromas when what I had was plantar fasciitis. Now I am in daily pain because of the terrible nerve pain on top of the PF pain.

Just a warning to anyone who might be considering him.....zip_code=90106

Other/Unknown...Cedar Glenn/Lake Arrowhead....San Bernardino....California....United States....Dr. [] did not return any of my pages when my two sons were ill over the weekend. His receptionist said that it was because I had cancelled an appointment earlier in the week. I had been taking my children to this pediatrician for over two years and have never cancelled an appointment. The receptionist told me to find another pediatrician. She was extremly rude and unprofessional.

Podiatrist...Raleigh....Raleigh....North Carolina....United States....I do not recommend this Dr. to anyone. His bedside manner is horrible, his office professionalism needs work as he allowed his office staff to enter my exam room in the middle of a procedure to ask him how to code another patient's insurance in their computer system - TWICE. He is repeatedly late or behind in keeping his scheduled appointments and I have left twice due to this. His skills as a physician are hard to defend. He is very distracted, does not explain procedures in detail or the potential outcome, does not listen when discussing medicines - I have asked him repeatedly what a certain Rx is for and he gives a generic answer and says call him later if I have a problem with it...

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