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Posted by Joe Tocco on January 05, 1998 at 14:26:37:
I have been in to see my family doctor three times in the past year and a half. This constant tearing sensation I feel in my left heal keeps getting worse. On my first visit my doctor correctly diagnosed PF and prescribed anti-inflamatory to speed the healing process. I have been back two times since due to worsing pain. Each visit brought a different prescription and reassurance that it would go away with time. My doctor knew that I trained in Karate daily and also that I was building a house after my normal work day end. He said that continuous excercise was what I needed to keep my foot flexible speed the healing process.

Train is what I continued to due, ignoring the crippling pain each morning walking on the outside edge of my foot to ease the stabbing pain each day. I am 35 years old, 6'1" tall and weight around 265 lbs. I don't look fat but could afford to lose 40 lbs.

I found your web page about 3 months ago, in a desperate attempt to self diagnose and heal myself. I wish I had look a year ago. I have been following your advise and tried to minimize the time on my feet. I took 3 months rest from building my house (fortunately we have temporary occupancy), stop training at the dojo completely, and live morning to night in very supportive running shoes with heel pads. In three months I feel great but still stiff in the A.M. If I try to work out or train I know I will be back where I started. How much longer can I expect before I will be back to normal? I want desperately to start training at the dojo but won't risk an unnecessasary setback.

I'm I going to be plaqued with this for life? or will I really completely recover? Also, do you recommend a diet high in certain minerals or vitamins to speed things up? I know, I know, ...lose some weight. Any aerobic exercises that are ok? Cycling or X-country sking?

Please let me know soon and thank you very much for your considerations.

Joseph Tocco

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