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Posted by Scott on 11/16/98 22:54:29
Here is a post made to the other message board from bonnie:

OK,,,,here goes ..thought I would wait a few days before I reported back on my experience. It was, for me, a painful procedure, and I was unable to complete the treatment, I think I had about 90%...they think I should see some results..I discovered that having an ultrasound exam of the plantar fascia can defiinitely diagnose the condition. But this exam is very new in the ultrasound world..not very many American
mds use this technique because there are not many sonographers who know what to look for in the foot...i know becasue I do ultrasound for a lving and we are just starting to look at tendons and I learned something from the sonographer at the toronto clicic...anyway...the procedure is somewhat barbaric...the machine shoots electric current s into the heel...and you feel it..even with local Euroope they can use complet sedation...and they will in Toronto when the machine is moved to the hospital....I am 3 days post treatment and am just starting to put full wieght on
my heel...they say true results won't show for at least 6 weeks...i will have the second foot done if I feel there has been a benifit ...wonn't know for a while...but I will only have it done again if I am given total sedation of some kind...I will not do it again and
be awake!!!! there is no way I would reccomend having both feet done at the same time...I wanted to , but they would not...and now I know we'l;l see in thenext few weeks...I will post again ...bye for now...

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