Flat feet vs high arches

Posted by Dayna on 1/08/99
I'm sure someone already thought of this, but just in case ... Some of us have high arches and PF, others like myself have no arch at all (even my footprints on my birth certificate look like flippers). It seems like high heels help a high arch while I was immediately told to throw out anything that wasn't completely flat. I did have a few pair of old-fashioned victoriani boots with pointy toes and a 2 inch heel. I loved them and they didn't hurt me, the guy where I went to get fitted for orthopedic shoes told me that of course those didn't hurt because I was really contracting my calfs so that took the strain off the PF. When we talk about what works for us, could we mention whether we have high or no arch feet, maybe that can help people new to this condition tell if something will or won't likely be helpful for them. 12:18:47

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