I got my life back! Relief from suffering at last.

Posted by Pinkee on 1/30/99
I use to envy people in wheel chairs because atleast they weren't in constant pain. I was planning on eventually having to go to a wheel chair. When I would go to a theme park, I would get a wheel chair because my foot pain was so bad. Just last september I took my daughter shopping for school clothes, and thought that I'd never be able to do it again. The pain was too much on my feet. I was planning on just shopping on the web and from catalogs from then on. I couldn't go to price club because it hurt too much. I was buying food to go almost every night because it hurt to much to be standing in the kitchen.

The answer for me was Birkenstocks. I swear I do not own stock in the company. I've tried so many other things and doctors but they have only helped temporarily. I've learned that every foot has THREE
arches. The podiatrists and Chiropracters I saw would make orthotics to support only ONE arch, the one I still had. My other two arches, had completely flattened out and I didn't evean realize I was supposed to have them. Apparently only having one arch messed up the whole mechanics of my feet, and overcompensating created pain for me. Birkenstock souls are the negative shape of a healthy foot. They have 3 arches. The 1st month I wore them, my feet hurt more because wearing them was gradually rebuilding my arches. That was back in october. I'm feeling better all the time. I'm not ready to run a marathon or anything, but I can lead a normal life and take care of my family. I think if I lost 40 lbs. I would be completely cured. I got the idea to buy Birkenstocks from this website. Thank you to all of you who posted the idea. You have given me the best thing I could hope for: relief from pain. The added benefit of the Birkenstocks is that my back feels better too, and I no longer need to see a chiropracter. Bad foot alignment was creating back problems as well.

My heart goes out to all of you suffering. There is no pain like foot pain, because you don't have to walk on your other body parts. It was like having to walk on horrible bruises all the time. The Birkenstocks cost me about $100. But I'm saving thousands in being able to work in my kitchen and prepare meals and not having to hire housekeepers. The Birkenstock waterproof clogs are great for in the shower. I also got some Birkenstock shoes, not just sandals. I hope this message helps someone else.
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