Re: feeling hopeless

Posted by Lysa on 2/05/99
Thanks for responding Lorena. I've been doing stretches faithfully except when pain is severe. The Sx started slowly 3 yrs ago, treated with good supportive shoes, Birks, Pro walkers at work, ice. Gradually got worse. Saw Podiatrist , got orthotics, off work 1 month for rest. (both feet are equally affected) Then cortisone shots. Did well for 3 months and started getting worse again. Changed jobs to get off feet (10 hour days on cement floors not helping things) Pain mild for 6 months or so and now are progressively worse and worse. More cortisone, less helpful, New Dr., More pain. Trying night splints, Dr keeps saying each new treatment gives relief to 80%, then 90% of people with this etc. Not helping me. Didn't gain weight until this pain got so bad. Have gained 20 # since not up and active all day like before, also used to walk for excercise, can't now. Treadmill is rather dusty. Weight loss would help I'm sure but this all started before the extra weight. 23:10:00

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