More Arch pain then heel pain

Posted by Judy on 12/30/98
I started having pain in both my arches when ever I stood up or when I got out of bed in the morning. It felt like something was stretching in my arch. I have read alot of articles about plantar fasciitis and they talk about heel pain not pain in the arches. I have a sore spot on my heel it hurts when I try to slide my foot into or out of a shoe that is tied or when I lay on my back and my heels are resting on the bed. But my real pain is in my arches when I first stand up. I have been to see my Dr. (GP) and he sugested buying Asics runners they seem to help as long as I have them on. My feet still hurt first thing in the morning.Is this plantar fasciitis? I would like some more info before I go back to the Dr. Please HELP. THANKS 12:47:00

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