Diffuse arch pain vs. pain focused in the heel -- not "classic" symptoms

Posted by Doug P on 1/14/99
I have had what I think is PF in both feet for 3 years now. My symptoms don't match the "classic" symptoms of PF -- I don't have more pain in the morning, and my pain is not focused in the heel. The pain is more generally all over the bottom of the foot, mostly in the arch. My doctor gave me cortizone shots in both feet which did nothing. This confused him as cortizone seems to always help at least a little. He says surgery won't help because I don't have these classic symptoms. I've tried stretches, NSAIDS, Cortizone, Massage, Ultrasound, various muscle-strengthening, orthotics, taping, you name it. I'm running out of ideas. I have high arches too. Can anyone relate to these symptoms and suggest anything that has worked for them?
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