I think I have tried everything...advice please

Posted by Kathy H. on 2/01/99
Hi, I am a 22 year-old student who has been suffering from PF for about 10 months! I am petite, so weight is not an issue in my situation. I have high arches and my feet evert as well as pronate. I have PF on both feet and I think it came about as an overuse injury from running and step aerobics. I used to be really active and now limited to things like biking.

I have been to 7 doctors of all different specialty areas and have tried many things...
-physical therapy, including myofascial release, whirlpool and ultrasound
-posterior night splints
-heel pads, taping, ice, heat, Epson salt

I think I have tried everything. My pain does get better with the night splints but I find it hard to sleep with them. I want to get some Birkenstocks but am afraid they won't support my high arches or help to correct my pronation. My orthopedic doctor is trying to get me in a study that uses a new laser treatment. Does anyone have any suggestions to help me, birckenstock advice or had any experience with the laser or myofascial??? Would love to hear from you!

Thanks!!!! 11:14:36

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