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Posted by Mary D on 2/01/99
Hi gang, just wanted to keep all informed after all my appointments. I went to the GP, he sent me to the POD, who sent me back to the GP for Sed and RH blood work then went to the PT.
He is the scoop. My SED and RH factor are in mornal range. My feet are near the PF stage and more on the Myloflacial stage. I have tight tendons and my feet seem to be angled.
The PT reported I aparently 'walk worng', well there you go! I am not balanced on the whole foot. My calf and tendons are too tight and then she did a 'test' for Fibro. I have all but 3 pionts for Fibromyalgia. She is sending me back to the GP for a PrX or antidepresants so I can sleep better.
I will go back to the GP later.
I will go back to the POD in tow weeks for inserts. He talked about shots but I will wait until I learn to walk properly before I get shots and just aggrevate the foot area again.
So ther you have it. I am now researching Fibromylagia more. It all is making sense. My TMJ, hip, back and foot pain as well as feeling tired all time, and I thought it was just because I have twins! I am hopeful.
Happy feet to you. Mary D 18:59:37

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