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help for plantar fasciitis by RickP
"Mild" tts by jsg729
"mild" tts--questions by jsg729
OTC Powersteps too narrow? Suggestions by Laurie
Something Lite & Not about Polotics by john h
Cash for Clunkers Hailed A Great Success by marie:)
foot pain by susan
Swine Flu and we're off............ by marie:)
cryo by Stacy
Fractured heel spur by RCP
My feet hurt by Phillip E.
Cast question? by Michelew
ankle and right heel pain by gdavid
Femur Fracture by Irene B
Frieberg's Disease by A.M.
Achilles tendinosis by Dopest
Burning pain on side of foot by JodiD
Toddler shoes with arch support.... by Emandbri
I'm a little Irish by marie:)
numb toes by Stacy
viatril-S by Scout
Jeremy-Orthotic question by mrbuddy
Help - 4th Metatarsal Heads by GoaskAlice
hammer toes and scars by alicia c
AARP Poll finds 86% americans believe ....... by marie:)
Sesamoiditis and MRIs by Robbie
tarsal tunnel syndrome by peg c
7 foot surgeries by gabbie
Alrighty Ford! by marie:)
Arizona Brace & RSD by JuLeen
042 by Janice H
Cortisone shots after two years by LindaM
taking 2 1/2 months off to heal, or should I? by william prowse
non union big toe by Simon c
Topaz surgery for Plantar Fasciitis by PaulS
Swellen on top of foot by kg
Titanium repacement of left great toe by Linda T
Combine Heel cups and insoles by diane
Stretching question PF vs Achilles by diane
Toddler with "sleeping" toe by kelleyd
Foot is a train wreck by BobK
Most Calm Place On Earth by john h
Sesamoidectomy 20 years ago. by dhkruse
anti inflammatories for pf by nancyw
Morton's Neuroma Steroid Injection by Lauren A.
heel spurs by scheryl l
kidner by stacy
Doctor has suggested cast by Errol
Obam & Afganistan by john h
Daylight Saving Time by john h
heelspur by maria
Physical Therapy by Misty
Physical Therapy by Misty
chronic foot pain after steroid injection by jb
The war on terror by Julie
Our National Anthem Sang As Good As It Gets by john h
Drug's by VB
Heel Pain in Children by Netti
Question for Jeremy re Waldlaufer shoes by LaurieY
A question for Jeremy by Stacy
heel spurs by rizzi
Night splint by Cheri
College Football by Allie
Professional Advice On Shoe by Fluffernutter
Odd results with stretching by Alex G.
pain in my calf by hopalongmomma
what should I do now? where do I go? by Snug
modified kidner by Stacy
Mens Athletic Sandals with Custom Orthotics by Justin H
thank you and update by Stacy
Tort Reform, Triggers and Myths by marie:)
Doctor recommendation in Raleigh-Durham area? by MB
Doctor recommendation in Raleigh-Durham area? by MB
Jeremy - sneaker for swollen heal by Nacy
foot pain by sm
golf shoes causing knee pain? by Dr. Ed
Mephisto Sano vs. MBT by robertcarol
Ball of foot swelling, outer foot pain by sanespana
Leg spasms following surgery by Amy F
Waiting in the wings by john h
Toddler's inward feet by Yiyi R
152 by Julie
Vernie - You are not alone! by Dottie
column lateral lengthening by Cheryl J
Mission Statements of the CIA and FBI by john h
Why so quiet Republicans? by marie:)
Heel pain a child by Marty F
Life is a box of chocolates by Rick R
Times they are a changin'......... by marie:)
Functional leg length discrepancy by BrianPK
heel spurs by barbf
Height of cam walker base and opposing shoe by Nacy
Google Ad Sense Message Boards Fraud by robernog
Illegals and Health Care by Allie
Smart Russian Pooches by marie:)
Loose orthotics by Vicky
The Gang of Six by john h
stone pain by edees
Partial Tear in the Brevis Tendon by lindsey
ShockWave by Mike S
is it typical by Stacy
Has anyone recovered from PF after 3+ years? by Chris K
heel pain by chuck752
Muslims In NYC by john h
Consumer Spending is UP! by marie:)
corns by kimmyb
Joe Wilson? by marie:)
ASTYM for AT by Nacy
cryosurgery by Norm G
Foot Pain in both feet by Karen
partial tear plantar fascia by mb1234
Swine Flu by john h
Rocker Soles by Norm G
OCD of the medial talus by Jesse
feet and lower legs by Emma W.
Solutions to PF by John from MN
Is this appropriate? by Rick R
Treatment ballet dancer by Scott C
heal pian by dad
Ryka sneakers by Allie
multi application of eswt by helen
repetition of eswt by helen
Heel spurs by brown eyes
It's not easy....... by marie:)
TTS Surgery by Overglaz
Jeremy by Stacy
avascular necrosis sesamoid bone by ezras
Birkenstock question by Chris O
WalkFit Orthotics by Keith
bi-lateral surgery scheduled for 09-21-09 by ellie_p
Prolotherapy by Monnie
plantar fascia release surgery by ront
Phenoxybenazamine/CRPS treatment by Janice H
How are you BobK? by AllenF
Hondorus by john h
how to diagnose inflammation by Robbie
ScottR by Dr. DSW
Topaz treatment in the UK by Stuart
Att:Dr. Wedemeyer or other Doc/pro by Tom
Dr. Scholls Machine in Walmart by donnan
overactive nerves in feet by Carla L'
ASTYM Treatment by lindsey
ASTYM Treatment by lindsey
ASTYM Treatment by lindsey
Unintended Consequences by john h
The most corrupt politician in Washington by john h
Osteochondritis and Tendon Rupture by AJ
Need an expensive condo? by john h
Ball that moves on bottom of foot by Sergio
statins and heel pain by Jim M
For What It is worth? by john h
Israel by john h
Partial tear in plantar fascia by Richard
Plantar Plate injury - in plain English? by Amanda E
Arch supports for a child by Vita
swelling or bump on foot by Leyla
post modified kinder by Stacy
Heel pain with spasm in my foot by vicki p
Cortizone question by AllenF
Arch planters fibroma by teresa
Plantar Surgery by wandaw
is it the same by Stacy
Jeremy by Stacy
Pain from Screws Subtalar Arthrodesis by DebbiK
Dr. Paul S. Cooper by DebbiK
Cornuate Navicular by DebbiK
Roman Polanskii by john h
Health care by john h
We are turning left -they are turning right. by john h
Iran by marie:)
Powerstep for flat feet? by bdbull
Where to go from here??? by Mandy
Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfuntion Therapy by Steve G
Custom Orthotics by Aaron S
Public Option by john h
Graston by LindaM
Six years of on going foot pain by Shelley F.
heelspurs by rosalie s
Plantar fascitis by Misty
Osteotomy for Plantar Plate Tear by Amanda E
Another Vetting Issue? by Rick R
372 by Stacy
New to orthotics, is pain normal? by JoG
Burn Victim by Jeff'saunt
walking through PF pain by angc
Another Cortisone question by AllenF
Cam Walker by WilliamD
which type of shoe best for pronation and PF? by Brenda C
Another Cortisone question by AllenF
plantar Fasciitis and laxus ligamentosis by Phyllis M
complicated..... by Jewel
custom orthotics causing hip bursitis? by nancyec
Greenspan Spot On by marie:)
Problems from plantar fasciitis surgery by CLM
Toe Walking and Achillis Tendonitis by Little Sara
heel spur (plantar facitis) by Gerry
heel fracture,nerve damage by DEuten
Does the way you walk affect your feet? by Chris K
Cash For Clunkers Appears To Be a Failure by john h
Service Industry GROWS..... by marie:)
New Post OP From TTS Surgery by Mary L
Barefoot Running by Jav
Capsulitis...Help by MDUBS
cortisone shot by lora
Tendonitis- physical therapy? by RScrubbs
Chronic Ankle Pain by TamiC
When to say no to a cortisone injection by Robbie
Gotta love this one........... by marie:)
Toe problem? by Brian
Question about MRI's by myelverton
My feet hurt even when I'm sitting down by Chris K
Help Me Understand This One by Rick R
Google Ad Sense and Scam.com by workerinternet
years of foot pain by Jewel
Tarsal Tunnel and Cam Walker by WilliamD
The Next Shoe by john h
2010 by john h
Cash for Clinkers by Allie
double arthrodesis by Laurie S
Heel Pain by JUSTIN
Alpha Lipoic Acid by Norm G
Unintended Consequences by john h
Tacked on to Health Care Bill by john h
Why? by marie:)
Kooky Left and the Wacky Right? by marie:)
Moon bombing....... by marie:)
ankle brace by Stacy
Wow by marie:)
very warm foot by Brenda C
foot pain by boodee
foot pain by candacei
Economist by john h
from pf to a nascent bunion and hammertoe by cwk
subluxing peroneal tendon by elkabrikir
Dr. DSW, Dr. Wedemeyer? by myelverton
Breaking News - This Just In by Allie
Haglunds? by jim p
Severe Heel Pain by njfirefighter
cryosurgery in DC area for fibroma on foot by Tracy H
Small Joint Effusion by Chriso
painful grandular tumor removal (scar tissue) by gmama
Expensive Condo by john h
Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy by FATIMA
Heel Problem by Betty J.
Why? by marie:)
My Doctors are lazy by Spin70
Possible Haglund's Deformity? by Ian
outer heel pain by Snuzan
plantar and calf interaction question by KevinB
Can Foot Supination Cause PF by KevinB
tarsal tunnel post op by ess
Pain on the underside of toes by Robert
Incentives by john h
Erythromelalgia by Clayton B
Another dumb political move by john h
Whats wrong with me? by Jessica
Why do my feet burn so bad? by spin70
Topaz success rates by MarkJ
Severe Plantar Fascitiis by VickieA
Severe PF by VickieA
foot surgery by Misty
Bunions/pain on underside of big toes by rachelb
Freiberg's Disease/Condition by JanetL
TTS - Diagnosis and Surgery by JoeL
peroneal tendon subluxation by JLO
From the UK on Prez Obama by Allie
Key Symptoms for TTS by JoeL
pain by Candy R
Financial News Remains Positive by marie:)
Sleeping pilots?? by john h
Sesamoiditis? by Dawn70
Heel Spur by AstridR
Haglund Deformity by DebbieT
Heel Pain by Luke
Regarding posting #221783 Jim by Jan#233;t Booton
Massage cause TT symptoms ? by diane
Could it be something else? by LindaM
PF improved going barefoot? by JanetM
Dr. DSW by Stacy
Tarsal Tunnel or Os Trigonum? by TonyD
Laser therapy for plantar faciitis by Laura
Deja Vu - oh oh I am back - not good by mohez
Reality and Democratic Claims by john h
Health Care Reform is going to happen! by marie:)
5th metatarsal break by liza
TMy doctor says I have tarsal Tunnel by StephanieP
z-tendon lengthening by Robin
It aint over til its over by john h
plantar fibroma? by verse
MRI by Spencer
Hammer Toe by Spencer
Jeremy by annes
Sunny Jacobs clinic in Toronto by mohez
Orthotics by Erin
injections for heel pain by jas
A real Bozo by john h
Visible Bone Spur - top of foot by ED
my toes by jerry t
correct shoes by dave
correct shoes by dave
Are you still active even with PF? by Chris K
Ecco and Gabor by christinek
H1N1 by marie:)
Wedding Shoe - Jeremy by Ann
Plantar Fasciitis by colette
RSD by Mary L
Fellow Americans by Allie
since birth...curling toe nails by pdphelp
Proper Fitting Shoes by Oneda
tts by kathyc
Has anyone ever used Pediflex Brand Slippers? by Marie
planter phasieitis /heel spurs by Patty C
TTS and back pain by BSL
Letter to the editor by john h
Jeremy by Stacy
Ortho-Rite by Stacy
Ford posts one billion dollars by Dr. Z
shoe store by stacy
Tarsal Tunnel Hell by Josh M.
breaking in orthotics by stacy
foot pain by Dennis B
heel pain following blunt force trauma by cows
shoe search in Miami by kathrynr
question on recovery time by fosterf
lateral foot pain from inversion by milliej
Idiopathic high intensity tinnitus/CRPS by Syrus F
Illegals and health care loop hole by Allie
Dr. Wedemeyer, my MRI results are in by myelverton
eneslow shoes by Stacy
calcified Achilles tendon by nelsonm
the pain... by Janann
Jeremy by stacy
good soccer turf shoes by Nathan W
still shoe searching in Miami by kathrynr
Bone Marrow Edema in my left foot by terryt
Recommendation in DC area? by Steve
Nuclear Power and Global Cooling by john h
Chronic heel pain by Chris
surgery or not by VB