Heel Spurs and Plantar Fasciitis Message Board Threads

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Taping is the only thing that's helping by Larry R.
For Dr. Z-Anti inflammatories after Ossatron? by Robert H
Shock Therapy by Guy W
barley green? by COLE W
Just checkin in :) by Pam B
awaiting injection but whole arch hurts by Nigel B
Has Carmen Moved to Tennessee Yet? by Pam B
QUESTION FOR DR. Z.............. by cindy E.
rest and agressive icing aniti inflam med by lisa k
TTS and Fibromyalgia by Pat B
off for a few days. going away by Dr. Zuckerman
I am not trying to complain really I'm not by cindyp
Tenosynovitis of flexor tendon by Cindy S.
uk doctors by jenny bevan
Carmen.... by Rich
The little things.... by Rich
Icing after ultrasound? by Sharon W
What now? by tim j
I had my first PT appt by Mahatmelissama
Boswella Cream/Pills by David G.
ossatron by kay
normal emg and sore feet by Daniel C.
Birkenstocks and similar shoes by Anne H
tarsal tunnel by nancy
I just got an orthotic for my mouth! by Valerie S
Birkenstocks and similar shoes by Anne H
Tendonitis X 2 by Pam B
VIOXX DOSAGE AND ??? by Rachael T.
VIOXX & DOSAGE? by Rachael T.
ibuprofen & hives? by JoAnn V
canada? by kay
Hi all, a gentle warning got mri results by lisa k
Rich by Carmen
Brian G by Carmen
Here's a question! by Carmen
Glenn by Carmen
CAROL C. by Rachael T.
more surgery! by Pam F
Is this Plantar Fasciitis??? by ScottW
Merrell Jungle Moc by glen v.
Clarification by glen v.
Heel counter substitute, Richard? by adam p
Plantar Fasciitis and Morton's Neuroma by Cindy
Paula & Custon Night Splint by John h
some weight train thoughts.... by Carmen
Doctors, Is this a way to detect pf? by Daniel C.
swelling inside of ankle and outside. by LaVona J.
Special shoes by Rachel W.
Thinking of surgery by wendyg
Proper use of night splints by Ed Davis, DPM
Acupuncture and Orthotics by Caroline
Tarsal Tunnel and Corpal Tunnel Syndrome by Brenda H
treatment for back of the heel spur by ann c.
Tendonitis by Trudy
other treatments? by Billy
CAROL C. by Rachael T.
DR. C ???? by RACHAEL T.
Feldenkries Treatment for TTS?? by Mike S.
854s by Sandy H.
OTC meds? by JoAnn V
Glad for a new week... by Suzanne D
PF Pain by Mar
dr cozz? by paula
Alznner by Ashley S.
Any good steel toed shoe? by Trudy
Had my surgery on 4/19 by michelec
new foot pain post op by Jean M
TTS SURGERY by Barbara S
orthotics by Rachel W.
Carole C./Polyurethane midsoles by adam p
What is the difference? by Jolene H.
Pain...what's the worst that could happen? by TimK
Naot shoes by lholland
Retirement by John k
taping arches by Rebecca A
right foot and ankle by Marcia S
heel pain by judy m
I went for a walk..... by Carmen
Flexibility, hamstrings, sports injuries by Carole C
uh oh by Carmen
Mahatmellisama picture posted by Scott R
Anyone want to host me on vacation? by Scott R
thanks dr cozz by paula
over stretching by paula
I have pain in the BACK of my heel by FLo P
progress report by AlexH
1 Year After Surgery by Sheila W
Epidemiology Questions by adam p
Epidemiology Questions by adam p
boring swimming idea by paula
Fat Pad Thinning by Ally M
PF/Spur Excision Update by Pam B
TTS Treatments by Pam B
Most curious...what is Vioxx? by Mahatmelissama
eswt for tennis elbow by Dave R.
Carole C and all computer users..... by Carmen
Carmel M !!! How did it go? by Dan L
Need advice ~ heel spur by Annette S.
Hello Everyone! Been missing you all! by Rich
Heel spurs by Cheng Choo
What do you think? by Jolene H.
tarsal tunnel syndrome by Daniel C.
You know you've got...... by Marie P
Stabbing pain? by Marie P
tendonitis and pf by Marie P
birkenstocks???? by Marie P
birkenstocks???? by Marie P
nothins helping by Marie P
Alternative and Orthopedic Medicine Site by Sharon W
hi again from Clara by Clara
Docs.... by Carmen
Barefoot by Rachel W.
ESWT by Pete R
Julie by wendyn
VP Dick Cheney on crutches by BrianG
INSOLES by Rosario M.
Laurie and Wendy by Carmen
Insurance by David G.
shock wave therapy by patb
fascia strapping by David G.
Carmen is frustrated by Carmen
mahatmelissa by Carmen
help heel pain xray tells nothing by kim m
ankle pain too help by kim m
plantar fribroma by george A salyards
Orthopedic applications of ESW by Rebecca Fisher
had nerve block wed. by susie c
Diane O. by Carmen
PF and Ligament /Joint problems by Aimee T.
Plantars Fasciitis by Marion S.
scar tissue question by Carmen
What is this?? by Rose F.
Achilles tendon healspur by Don Walkinshaw
cam walker? by kay
Painkillers by Tracey A.
Tarsel Tunnel Surgery April 22 by Barbara S
I spoke too soon! by Kathy G
Dr. C by Carmen
Julie by Carmen
Accessory navicular bone removal by Amy Y
web site for biomechanics by Carmen
Val, sorry by Tammie
nerve surgery by kay
MONTE by Carmen
A word on house work and PF by Carmen
First time posting by Dan D.
hey awesome news everyone. by Jessica K
a big high five for the docs,and a question by lisa k
Stretching at bedtime by Carole C in NOLA
Mild Foot Pain by Marc Solby
Calcaneal Cuboid Ligament Sprain by Mary
Pam B's picture is up. by Scott R
Mowing the lawn by Sharon W
Uneven ground -- does it HURT YOU? by Sharon W
How I Mended To Run Again by Jerry F.
Minimal Incision Heel Spur Surgery Video by Joe S
Birks at Sam's Club by Nancy N
I lost more weight! by Mahatmelissama
Heel Pain Still by Elise
Great new Rockport shoe by Donna SL
after surgery by linda f
oh my god, oh my god by kay f
why? by nancy s.
Attention Wendy! Vital information! by Julie
Custom Made Birks by Valerie S
How important are x-rays? by Ellen J.
orthotics by Daniel C.
Radiotherapy for calcaneal spurs by Fabian S.
Slow healing? by Emily B
some of you ask.....& thanks by kay
New Pain? by Pam B
Heel Spurs by Carole S
Recovering from PF Surgery by Marietta S
Tapping of Flat Feet by Marvin C.
Wendy will have to be quiet by wendyn
Hey you guys ever tried this?? by Crystal S
am i sleeping wrong by Marie P
Suzanne, you had some big storms! by Carole C
Neuroma surgery by Julie M.
Neuroma surgery by Julie M.
Bought myself a birthday present -- a cane by Sharon W
ouch..insurance facts by Carmen
pending surgery by Lisa G
surgery? by Lisa G
Weight loss and water drinkers by Carmen
Shoe/sneaker question by AndrewS
another opinion by Lisa G
Question to the pronators by Carmen
TTS and arthritis by Pat B
Corporate America Sucks!!! by Ken A.
Pauline-Laser Therapy by John h
Anesthesia for accessory navicular removal by Amy Y
Calf cramps by Scott L.
One week till my surgery by Laurie R
i am back from the docs by kay
Update after seeing ankle specialist by Pam B
ESWT Comparison Study by Sunny Jacob - Bayshore
Hi Docs by Pam B
Post Cam Walker/Heel Pain by Rich
Professional Runner Seeking help by weldonj
re stretching again question by lisa k
im stuck by lisa k
possible neuroma surgery by Kerry D
Weather!! by Necee
PamB by Lisa G
possible neuroma surgery by Pam R
Linda a by Sharon W
Laurie by Carmen
calcaneonavicular coalition by Selina G
Achilles Tendon stiffness by Peter R
Shoes for Orthotics by Joe
Bigger shoes by Cheri A
am using my nicotral inhaler more often by lisa k
June 7 surgery by Maggie L.
bone scan by Diana Whitmore
Ossa Tron by Robin L
cortizone shots by Daniel C.
What to do? by Stan_P
Confused by Rachel W.
And she's off! Once again.... by Carmen
Acupuncture by patb
EDWT and Insurance by patb
Weather by CatherineL
eswt after a tear in medial area of fascia? by lisa k
Weather affecting pain by michelec
coffee break and a bit of catching up time! by Tammie
be careful ie stretching by lisa k
anyone have a tear or detachment *bleep* by lisa k
new thread regarding my potential surg by Lisa G
rsd and more blocks by susie c
names of the eleven test sites on the feet by Debbie T.
Celebrex dosage by Ellen J.
tarsal tunnel release by Eddie G
indoor bicycle trainers by Ellen J.
burning sensation by larry
causes of plantar fasciitis by james b
Barefooted vs Shoes by Tony S.
plantar faciiatis, and orthotics by sandi
ART articles and PF by Carmen
hamstring stuff by Carmen
another insurance question again! HMO Blue? by Annette
ESWT help mid arch pain? by Stewart D
3 months Post-Op and questions! by Carmon S.
Forgot something..... by Carmon S.
more questions about surg...sorry by Lisa G
To Lisa by Rich
2nd wk TTS Surgery by Barbara S
To Sharon W. by Necee
Missing post by Maggie L.
Laurie is counting the days!! by Necee
Speeding ticket*** need good legal advice!! by Necee
Surgery a year ago by Vanessa G
broken toe? tape it to a toe next to it? by paula
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome by Margie
Sitting to long cause you pain with TTS by Margie
Ice versus Heat - I am confused. by Tom
Disability by John K
Plantar fibroma by Antoinette S.
just curious to know by Michelle L
Accuracy of TTS diagnosis by Tony S.
Question for Dennis B. about PN by Tony S.
another ? end of the line feet by lisa k
on a lighter note how was everyones day :) by lisa k
Having ESWT treatment next Tuesday in London by Pete R
Is this normal? by Jean M
thanks for foot stool idea by paula
nancy re:fibromyalgia by kay
How many other Doctors converted? by Pauline
Chiropractors by R C
Continue to run? by R C
test by Scott R
Plantar Fascia pain and Bone Spur by Donna C.
plantar fasciitis and nikken shoes by Mary
re: heel pad by lisa k 4may
swollen ankles by Lisa G
plantar fasciitis and bone spur question by Lisa G
Snake Lady by Carole C in NOLA
Differences in gait when fresh and when tired by Carole C in NOLA
TTS and acupunture? by Alan S
Thin Heel Pad and Viscospots by Ally M
Streching by Fatima M
Sound waves? by Rebecca F.
Can I cure this? by Pam M
Support by Mar
TTS Surgery by Barbara S
Nancy S. by Carmen
801's, 804, 805, 854's -New Balance opinion by Carmen
3rd opinion by Lisa G
footwear for tts by Daniel C.
Other exercises ? by Dean H
???starting to get better by Nigel B
OssoTron in Laurel MD by Jo-Anne G
To Nancy S by wendyn
3rd opinion...(also posted on social/support) by Lisa G
Fibromyalgia and other types of physical pain by brianh
new job by linda
Housebound by Rachel W.
Another Mermaid Found in Sardine Can!! by Valerie S
Experiencing Continued Relief... by CatherineL
Hypothyroidism and TTS by Crazy J.
anyone heard of ultram medication by lisa k
flat feet with pf by lisa k
poem for my message board friends by Suzanne D
Plantar fasciitis/peripheral neuropathy by NickR
18 years old with PF by Joyce
can someone help me out? by T QB4
Laurie by wendyn
Prayer for Laurie by Pam B
Laurie's Surgery Day by Necee
new stretching info? by paula
Please translate heel spur into Russian by Sergey D.
Woo Hoo! email and name cookies! by john a
Ron B how are you?(eom) by Tammie
Donna and Sharon W by Carmen
SCOTT by Carmen
ESWT article in Wired magazine by Nancy N
Scar tissue and Walking by Vanessa G
Compression alternatives? by D.Thomas
Back of Heel Pain caused by calcium deposits by Laura D
Morton's Nuroma by Bev M.
Morton's Nuroma by Bev M.
Should I have a second ESWT? by PaulF
ESWT and Morton's Neuroma by PaulF
SALE on shoes!!! by Carmen
I used such great self-restraint today! by Kathy G
crappy day...i am just done... by Lisa G
Surgery Option??? by Donna
judys - take charge attitude by Lisa G
Very helpful info here!! by Donna F
Laurie Info by Pam B
Laurie R's Update by Angel R
Burning in the feet by Annette C
6 wks post ESWT--Swelling of foot by AndrewS
To Julie, Re: Relaxation Tape by Janet C
exercises lying down by Sandy H.
ESWT by Steve M
tts by Daniel C.
support sock by Rachel W.
treatment for neuromas by Kerry D
ice by Marie P
should i go for more surgery??????? by Marie P
feels like my footspur family by Marie P
Hello again - an update and a question. by Andrue
Dr. Z, Dr. Ed, Dr. Coz by Carmen
Reminder about a great sire for reading.... by Carmen
orthotics & flat feet by R C
Achilles Tendinosis and immobilization by Chris
2 weeks TTS Surgery by Barbara S
To Everyone...Hope I don't forget anybody.... by Rich
D. Thomas by Carmen
Need a show of feet, er ... hands. by NickR
Need a show of feet, er ... hands. by NickR
Insurance coverage by Mary Beth S
cast instead of surg by Lisa G
a little better today by Lisa G
Post Treatment Confusion by RobynC
ESWT - PF gone forever?? Side affects. by Ronnie C
OFF to ART session #1 by Carmen
heel pain...waiting for approval of Ossatron by Millie
What do I do next? by Elaine M.
hag;imds deformity by marilou g
Lauries surgery in some detail by Pam B
long term effects of cortizone shots by Patricia C
denied coverage by Chris D.
SAS Shoes wanted by Ted W.
Thank you! by Angel R
sneaker for sell nike by fat
note to Rachel by Ellen J.
anyone who's had ESWT by Carmen
Best Ice Packs, anyone? by EKC
Brian V by Carmen
What kind of work can you do with TTS? by Margie
Lisa G by Carmen
Calling all antiquers..... by Carmen
okay icky question by Carmen
Dr.'s by Carmen
Dr. Z and Dr.Coz by Carmen
Update on open release 4/19 by michelec
info on forefoot varus and other foot types by Ellen J.
Laurie Update by Pam B
Found something that seems to work by Adam S
taping by mark w
My trainers by Rachel W.
Exercise and PF / getting back to normal by sam f
Glenn x by Carmen
confused about what I should do re; orthotics by Ellen J.
hey carmen, waving at you from atlanta by paula
To Carole... by Rich
abductor hallucis injury (i think) by Anthony
Vitamins-B6 and B12 by aeyster
Birkenstocks..... by RACHAEL T.
Dinna by Carmen
PF and shoes by Buck T.
I just saw the doctor by Jessica K
Dr. Z, I will be in NJ next week and... by Nicole K.
topical anti-infammatory-any such thing? by Ellen J.
ART today by Carmen
Wendy complaining by wendyn
Going away by Julie
Anyone try these two things????? by Jane
Bluestuff by Jane
Prolo shots? by Jane
Tens machine by Rachel W.
Anyone Tried Prolotherapy? by Mike S.
Brian G.... by Jane
Standing / walking time by Pete R
Dr. John Cozzarelli by Jane
Rachael and Carole... by Suzanne D
heel/bone spur by laura h.
Donna SL... by Suzanne D
Re: Sandy's question about muscles/running by Jerry F.
Lost father by Tammie
Good Feet Store visit Alzner product by Robert H
Heel Cords by J. King
Heel cords by J. King
Happy Mother's Day! by Suzanne D
use care with crutches... by Ellen J.
Icing by Rachel W.
Differant pains, Stretching to much? by Marty B
Orthodics for PF by Debbie P.
Mortons Toe ! by Wayne H.
Night Splint Preference? by Kristin E.
Dr. Z!!!! by Carmen
insert and orthodics/ and cortizone shots by Paula D.
breastfeeding and foot problems by Erica M
Laurie Update by Pam B
Backache by Rachel W.
Julie by Carmen
Athletic tape for sale by monte
Imagine Cat Hissing sound by Carmen
Post ESWT Question by monte
Long term by J. King
Haglund's Deformity/Achilles pain by Mark S.
Insurance Question by Stever
Is this unusual for tts by Daniel C.
Orthodic adjusted... by Mahatmelissama
ESWT Weds a.m. by Carmen
To Tammie by Pauline
nerve block # 3 tomorrow by susie c
Some good stories - Encouragement by Monte
Casting by Joyce
Who here is from Detroit or Novi, Michigan?? by Valerie S
EPF surgery by tam
Looking to order Ibuprofen Cream by carolyn F.
Looking for a machine in Utah by Marty
hey ive reached acceptance with a lil help by lisa k
babies and feet by lisa k
question for a doctor by kay
Foot clinic by Rachel W.
Myofascial release information-good reading by Carmen
Could I be having a cortizone reaction? by Cassie J.
To Wendyn - re: Alberta by CatherineL
just got a disturbing phone call by paula
my pf success story by donald p
Plantar Fascities/Tarsel Tunnel by Jennifer H
knee surg by Lisa G
Post OP cramping in calf by Kevin I
foot surgery PF by Carmie B
shoes by stephanier
Carole? by Rich
To Linda A. by Necee
To Carmen Re: Antiques and old stuff! by Necee
On spelling, grammer and punctuation by JudyS
RSD by Deb H
re: Ellen and cortisione injection by Jerry F.
Sudden Onset PF by Walker
Stairs by J. King
PF or not PF by Andrue
How long can it be so severe? by Rachel W.
Carmen by Tammie
in alot of pain!!!!!!! by heather h.
Fusing the joint In the Foot by Sonja
Fallen Arches and Fusing Bones by Sonja
Successfull TTS - now intense pain in toes by Joan S
Carole--NB 1121 by Nancy N
Question for a Doctor by Carmon S.
ESWT done on rt foot yesterday by Carmen
plantar fascitis by Chris M
Orthotics as a Cause? by PatsyC
Laurie by Tammie
Linda A where are you and how are u?(EOM) by Tammie
Carole C............ by Ashley S.
Pod or Ortho??? by Ashley S.
Nancy S. by Carmen
Calling all docs by Carmen
Orthotics for Supinators by Neil B.
Sudden onset PF, again by Walker
knee surg scheduled by LisaG
Dornier EPOS: Question for Dr. Zuckerman by Matt E.
traveling Vietnam Vet memorial... by Suzanne D
Healing, Maybe?? by RACHAEL T.
recovering from surgery by Mary
Nurse and Pod blew me off by Mahatmelissama
Daughter wants Birks for her orthotics by Sharon W
block # 3 by susie c
leg length discrepency by Sandy H.
heal soreness by joyce b
be careful/get the right diagnosis by Betty S.
Insurance coverage by Joe B.
Clinical trial by Robert N
Not a tarsal coalition after all by Selina G
Burning sensation on back of heals by Rhonda D.
Donna SL and CArole by Carmen
Need your help by BrianJ
Dornier: Single Treatment & Repeats by Sunny Jacob - Bayshore
New Pain by Monte
Question about post PF release surgery by Tony S.
Wow - ice works! by Andrue
Plantars Wart or Callus? by Connie P
Reflections from The Wall... by Suzanne D
spelling&grammer thing? by susie c
Ostron Therapy by Bereada H
Well, I went and did it! by Rich
A most cool thing.............. by JudyS
Foot pain to body pain by Heidi M.
Joyce - casting? by R C
Timing for 2nd ESWT for plantar fasciitis by PaulF
Strange days indeed, most peculiar momma.. by Mahatmelissama
Neck and shoulder by DavidM
Found a 'proper' podiatrist in the UK by Andrue
Ossatron Therapy by Bereada H
Foot/Heel Pain by Judy H
Comeback? by Ray H.
looking for a good pod in calgary,CANADA by mik w.
update on Carmens eswt by Carmen
New orthotic--- what should I expect? by Shirley W
TO TAMMIE by Laurie R
Plantar fasciectomy by Erin B
tarsal navicular stress fx? by samantha c
compounding ibuprofen question to the Docs by Carolyn F.
Ultrasound by Pete R
Thick scars after tts/heel spur excision by Linda
8 weeks post ewst by dave
Should I walk or rest by Andrue
back of the heel pain in CA by John B
Cuboid Syndrome by judyml
Okay, let me run this by you again .... by NickR
Home at last by Tammie
Invisibele disability by J. King
Walking in a cast by Donna F
Choosing a Dr. by Joe B
Standing Question by Monte
Can some painkillers delay healing? by Ellen J.
resume activity? by R C
tarsal tunnel wrong diagnosis? by jenniferd
Thank God For Tape! by David A.
Not convinced about Ibuprofen gel by Andrue
Depressed, fustrated and fed up!!! by yasmin
no block today by susie c
Treatments for PF in UK by Shirley T
Help choosing sneakers/shoes by Jon R.
Shoes by Mary Ann
First visit to Pod. by Stan_P
Torsal Tunnel Syndrome by Jeff V.
inserts and night splint... by collin ward
The Wall by Necee
Viet Nam memorial by Necee
Choosing a shoe by Andrue
Calcium by Shawn P
medial and lateral pain by terri
complain complain complain by wendyn
Swollen foot on inner side of arches by Tay E
TTS 1 Month by Barbara S
knee and leg soreness by ScottW
"Gordon's cure" by ScottW
Tape brands by adam p
Night Splint Post ESWT? by CarlW
flat foot & pain by Kris W.
Just something I wanted to share...... by Rich
BLOCK # 4 by susie c
Good pod for surgery? by Trudy
Question for the Doc by Carmon S.
Weight Control by R C
Golfers! by R C
Laurie by Tammie
Janet,Brian , Laurie, others that have helped by Tammie
Pronation vs Supination by LHolland
message board limit by Scott R
Nerve Pain on top of foot by regv
ESWT Yesterday by Mar
Another question for the Doc by Carmon S.
been awhile by Lisa G
new scott pic by Scott R
plantar fasciitis symptoms by brian waters
Personal Foot Trainers by Pauline
Happy Memorial Day!!! by Necee
Sore Feet by Debbie Poivre
pain meds by louise
Risks in Bone Scans by Kate C.
EMG/in RSD? by Tammie
Burning by Ashley S.
just wandering by Sabrina C.
High Power vrs Low Power re Focal Point by CarlW
Good news/bad news by Dennis B.
Suzanne by john h
Dr.s ESWT question by Carmen
falling arch by Linda R
To Julie in the UK by Pete R
goin shopping by Lisa G
Radio freguency lesioning by Carol S
Radio frequency lesioning by Carol S
numb toes by Debbie D
Workmans Comp? by Dianna B.
calcium by paula
ESWT Questions by Mar
ESWT Following Surgery??? by Lee Bunyard
test by Scott R
to ESWT or not to ESWT that is the question by Carolyn F.
new message board feature: trigger words by Scott R
good bye by Lisa G
Radio frequency lesioning by Carol S
Am I a canidate for ESWT?? by Christine F
Plantar Fasciitis & chiropractic care by Cathie
New foot pain - already dx with PF by GailP
Best relief for pf I can do after work by Abby L
Dr .Z by Carmen
laurie r by Lisa G
ESWT following Achilles Rupture by Lis R
Memorial Day by Barbara S
Good Pod by J. King
sas comfort shoes by Myrna R
kellers operation by s coherty
The Podartist in Banbury - Andrue by yasmin
laser surgery for heel spurs by belindaa
Dr. Z by Carmen
Carmen how do your feet feel? by Tammie
Heel problem by Steve W
To: Rich by Necee
...all over but the shoutin'! by Suzanne D
9 weeks post ESWT--Comment and Question by AndrewS
Deciding if I should get ESWT by Theresa B
PF as cause of hip pain, and use of taping by Cary S.
Worse after ESWT? by carolyn F.
Over pronation and taping by yasmin
Sharon W. by Carmen
Gosh Darn PF-Carole and Donna by Carmen
Dr .Z by Carmen
Can an injection cause tarsal nerve pain by Cindy P
Looking for a machine in South Florida by Jeremy P
Peeling Feet....Gross by Ashley S.
Raynaud's syndrome by Aimee T.
Foot swelling by Just a girl
Catherine and anyone else with multi symptoms by Carmen
First PT Appt. by Barbara S
Dr.s me again!!! A question by Carmen
Long term problem? by Nigel B
CARY by Carmen
Burning on the my heel by yasmin
ALL-except the faint of heart. by Carmen
Intense Bilateral Foot Pain 24/7 by Shar P.
Scott by Carmen
Heel Pain by Andrew Kwit
Does ESWT "dissolve" heel spurs? by Ardee W.
6 weeks post ESTW - no change (eom) by Shawn P
Bone spur at Achilles tendon insertion by Jim R.
stretching of calves by ScottW
Dr. Z by john h
After PT by Barbara S
Thorlo socks by Yasmin
Heel Pain by Susie N
Question about Birks.... by Ashley S.
Confusion - ESWT or not?? by Ronnie C
For Aimee T or anyone else taking magnesium by Kathy G
Where is Julie? by Kathy G
Insurance covering ESWT by C.J.
I made it thru the EMG by Tammie
Are Heel Spurs or PF considered an injury? by Dianna B.
Re: by john h
ouch by Carole C in NOLA
Post Bunion Surgery by Ronni H
ankle by Jeri R.
shock wave therapy by Lindsay
untreated effects of plantar fasciitis by Joel R
sesimoid by p.j.w
BC/BS by J. King
Yesterday wasn't a good day by Kathy G
Nerve Decompression by Dee
To Our Friends in NY by Necee
Suzanne's Birthday!! by Necee
Usefullness of MRI for burning feet by rose w.
Whats this world coming to!! by Necee
Plantar Fascia Injury by Chuck W
Still thinking about me are you John. H? :) by Stephanie S.
To Take or Not To Take Vioxx Before ESWT? by Ardee W.
1 month PF and TTS Surgery by Kevin I
Plantar fasciitis by Annette M
Long term PF by J. King
3 wks. post-op open fascia release by Tonya R.
To: Susie, Re: Blocks by Janet C
Metatarsalagia by Mar
ESWT and TTS by J. King
Considering ESWT by Debi Y.
Wendy, is it any warmer up your way? by Suzanne D
Tight Pulling Burn Pain??!! by Brian
tarsal tunnel by Daniel C.
Trip to Boston by Tammy M
heel spurs by sandy s
ESWT in Vancouver BC??? by Jan M.
Calf muscle cramps by Nancy N
Beverly, are you still there? :-) by Suzanne D
birkenstock in the UK by Nigel B
foot pain by Sandy A
Lazer Treatment for PF by yasmin
To All Physicians providing ESWT by Pauline
Complications from stepping on wood by Karen A.
tts and redness by Daniel C.
Chat room? by cruz
ultra sound-Ellen by john h
To David P. re Patellar Tendonitis by Sunny Jacob - Bayshore
Vitamin C for heel spurs by LynK
mortons neuroma by Joan A
TO TAMMIE by Laurie R
shots by dave
7 monthes after surgery by Anthony P
heel spur regrowth by Leanne C
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